Advice re S1

Just wondered if anyone could advise me. Hubby and I are covered for healthcare in France with an S1..he is retired,no problems. My Mum who is 81 and lives in England is seriously considering coming to live with us but needs to know she will be covered for healthcare. She only has a basic state £271 per month. I, ve rang newcastle pensions dept to ask if this is enough to qualify her for an S1 but he said he couldn, t tell me as he just sends the forms, s up to the government to decide. Is there anyone retired in France who only has a little pension yet managed to qualify for an S1 ? Would appreciate your advice, obviously if my Mum doesn, t qualify then she won, t be able to come and live with us.

Hi Bob, I did originally ask the overseas pension dept if my Mum could be added on to my husbands S1 as a dependant and she thought the answer was no, forgot to ask again today, maybe I will do that.

Hi Jane

Naughty of Newcastle not to give you the help you require, perhaps send them an email explaining your situation.

Any way, I retired early and my Carte Vitale ran out in Jan this year. Newcastle just issued another S1 for my wife, with me as a dependant. As soon as the attestation comes in the post, I can go to a Pharmacie and have my CV reinstated. Next year when my wifes S1 runs out, and at the same time I reach state pension age, she can be a dependant of mine and continue with her CV.

So with that in mind, if you ask Newcastle to make your mum a dependant of either you or your OH this should be problem solved.

Good Luck