Advice re selling

I tried posting earlier so apologies if this appears twice!

We find ourselves, sadly, in a position where we need to sellour property in La Sauvetat. Work situation in UK is awful due to downturn in oil industry.

Our property is half way through renovation and we are at our wits end trying to get someone to advice is. Please if anyone can assist in selling a half renovated property we would be so so grateful for any advice.

I have been in your position myself and found it very difficult My villa was particularly hard to sell in fact becauce it was in a flood plain the local agents refused to handle it. It may be a cliche but there is always a buyer at the right price. When I dropped my price I had no trouble selling.

I agree that Leggett Immobilier is a very good start. Although their commission is expensive, they do at least work for their money. They have performed really well for me in the past - good luck.

Half-renovated is often attractive because it is less daunting than un-renovated and cheaper than fully done up! I would try agents unless you have someone who can show prospective buyers around at the drop of a hat. If you have quotes for the un-completed work, they could come in handy, but, as always, prospective buyers will be dead sure they can get everything done much faster and cheaper, not to mention better.

Agents vary in terms of quality, specialisation, motivation and know-how and you can get great people in so-so agencies and the opposite too, so make sure you are in contact with the person who will be dealing with the sale of your property, not just the branch manager.

Good luck!

Have you tried the local immobiliers and/or Legget ( agent? I take it you aren't living there, but if so or if you have a friend nearby who can show viewers around, try selling it privately on leboncoin as lots of folks no longer want to pay immo fees. There are lots of half renovated properties on the market throughout France, and at the correct price, I can't see why your's shouldn't sell. Do dig out any factures from artisans you have used for renovation works though, as, apart from the Notaire needing them for guarantees, they always promotes confidence for buyers..

Good luck..