Advice - simple computer game for dementia sufferer

Can any one recommend a simple to play/manipulate game for laptop such as driving, flying a plane, that might suit my elderly father who has dementia? I don’t want something that plugs into the TV as that would confuse him too much as he would have to unplug other things, plus I want something he can sit at his desk and play. A game that does NOT require internet. Thanks for any advice.

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Have you looked at downloadable jigsaw puzzles? Can also find apps that will use your own photos to make puzzles.

Solitaire is a classic, but also interesting variants like majhong solitaire.

If he likes card games the something like solitaire, poker or even Mahjong, as Jane has suggested.
Crossword puzzles, arrowords ( my mum at nearly 87 loves those) . Some evenings we play ‘stupid games’ by others standards, such as commencing with the letter A through to Z trying to see who can find the most vegetables, fruit, male and female names etc;… It’s amazing how quickly the time flies and we laugh a lot too, that’s the most important :slight_smile:
Just a thought, some of the ‘childrens games’ are quite good on the computer and are often 'sophisticated too, not at all like in the past, and they are colourful too so are attention holding.

I spend a fair bit of time playing Scrabble and Solitaire on my tablet. A slightly unusual and possibly non PC game that is both simple yet challenging is Crush the Castle.

So you’ve given up Farmville then :wink:
Does anyone remember when this was ‘all the mode’ in France ? (Yes I did play it too at the time but I was younger and not so wise) :rofl:

Loads of great info here

Not really into online games my self but I cam across this one today if anyone is interested…

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A terrible public confession. I am a Five or More addict, sometimes called Five in a Row. The object of the game is to line up five balls of the same colour that then disappear.
A great way of wasting time!

But experience with our local old folks suggests that they are happiest playing the card games they learned in their youth.

I never learnt any card games in my youth so I’m a complete novice when it comes to them.

Rummy, Whist, Cribbage, “Old Maid”. There was a big thing for Canasta in the days before television.
Ee lad, 'ad ter make our own entertainment in those days!

aye, and most were, or had a “gambling” theme to them in some shape or other - whether for matchsticks or clothes :wink:
I learnt a valuable life lesson from a very early age about gambling; I had a Saturday job as a bread round “runner” and one Saturday the rounds man took off with the takings after dropping me off near home and then blew the lot on a dog and lost! He got 9 months behind bars when they caught up with him days later.

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If you play belote here you’ll never be short of elderly company…

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My husband used to play Canasta at University and I can assure that he is not pre television.

Sorry, that was not strictly accurate. Many people bought B/W televisions to watch the Coronation. But colour wasn’t introduced until the late 60s.
" Canasta became rapidly popular in the 1950s with many card sets, card trays and books being produced. Interest in the game began to wane during the 1960s, but the game still enjoys some popularity today,"
I don’t think I am wrong in thinking that colour TV killed Canasta along with many other popular family games.

Jim was playing it at Uni with his friends, they had a Canasta school and this was in the 70’s.