AE and UK State Pension

I'm thinking of registering so that I can work in France but I've been concerned about the impact on my pension (still some years off yet). It's been said that State Pension paid direct from UK is free of French social charges but if you have worked in France the pension is paid through the French system and charges are applied. This could be a big extra tax to account for. Anyone know any more ?

Thank you Andrew. I am French resident and yes, I paid NI in UK for many years before I left.

I think I understand what you are saying but can I just check ? The tax is fine, I have no worries about that it is the social security contributions that I don't understand.

Are you saying that if I am self employed in France I can claim to be self employed with the UK tax authorities ? I have already paid more than 30 years contributions so need to make no more to get my UK pension. So my pension will then be paid at age 67 as if I had been constantly self-employed in UK, direct from UK and with no French charges ? I wonder if you have any links to the basis for this as I have never heard that before. Regards,

Oops sorry, was misled when you mentioned 'big extra tax' at the end!

You need a pensioner to give you a definitive answer - not something I have heard but you can never be too careful in France.

Thank you both for your replies. However, they don't quite address the problem I was raising. It is specifically in relation to the UK State OAP pension and specifically social charges (not tax). If your pension is paid direct from UK it carries no further charges as it is exempt from these in France (I believe). But if it is paid through a French caisse I have heard that social charges (cotisations) are deducted from it. So someone who has never worked in France will get say £150 a week but someone who has worked here only £140 (not exact figures, just an example). I need to know if this applies to someone who has been a part-time AE. The long term impact could be huge for someone who has just earnt a few euros through AE but I have no facts to back this up.

You'll only have to pay tax if you are over the threshold (like in the /uk) and I believe the thresholds are much higher in France. If you are resident in France you have to make the tax declaration irrelevant on where the money originates from, so wither way it will be taken into account when you declare it. If you have already paid tax in the UK it will be taken into account before they tax you here.

If you have some years to go before you are eligible I wouldn't worry about it too much as it probably won't be worth that much anyway!

I can't give a direct answer to the question, but I am registered as autoentrepreneur in France. I am also in receipt of an NHS occupational pension following early retirement after an accident at work. My husband and I declare our income - earnings and pension, on our family déclaration de revenues and pay tax if necessary. Tax is not deducted from my pension in the UK as I am declared resident in France.