AE & Employment

If I go AE while still being full time employed in France, a few questions:

  • I take it I keep my salary and my earnings through AE separate. So that the amount earned through AE stays within the maximum allowed.

  • I take it that all income however is declared in terms of impôts sur le revenue.

  • Given that I am still employed, do my state contributions through employment still count fully towards my retirement benefits?

Any advice will be welcome

Yes Andrew would appreciate if you could please, it's more about whether one can advertise WITHOUT a SIRET, because there is no business and that advertising being used to test the water/market, but no business being done

as far as I'm aware Nick, there's no restriction to advertising or not - AEs can advertise freely, it is a business, it's official etc. I'll take a look at the full question...

Thanks Andrew. Good succinct answer. Do you have any clue about the advertising question I put on the General Discussion board. I think it is a tricky one as going along with the theme of ticking boxes, the theory will be "If you advertise then automatically you have a business"

Nick, yes, yes and yes. the scheme was set up specifically to stop people working on the black, giving them a legitimate set up to do extra work outside their normal salaried job. What you're suggesting would fall perfectly into that scenario. the government prefer that to those of us who use it as a statut for working full time - it was never designed to do that and that's why many don't like it or resent AEs ;-)