AE/ME which one

Please be kind,
Can anyone tell me in Simple terms please, or point me in the right direction the difference between registering as a AE or ME as I see posts from people that are either one or the other and I am totally confused.
We hope to move over next year permanently and I would like to continue my online brocante business but don’t know which one I would need to register with.

They’re the same thing - old name / new name. Link below is the proper link - create the business there and do the quaterly returns there


Thank you

Are you a British passport holder? One of the huge changes after the 31st December will be the sort of work that British immigrants will be able to do. It will no longer be possible to turn up in France and start a small business. If you’re Irish, no problem.

Thank you David, I have a Irish passport and OH is Italian

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Most of us are Lisa. There are a few contributors with officious or patronising tendencies, but even they are OK once you get used to them.

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True, although I though it was “merely” going to become much harder rather than out-and-out impossible to arrive in France with the intent of setting up a business.

Of course it will still be possible to start a business in France but up to now it’s been so easy. A huge number of the British people I meet are self employed often providing a niche service that they have discovered after moving under freedom of movement. AE/ME has been used as a way to enter the health system with very little income. That will change out of all recognition.