AE : To Close or Not to Close?

Hi All,

Looking for a bit of advice and some opinions please. My OH has had an AE business for seven years now but work has been slowing down over the last few months due to physical limitations and being close to retirement age. He has intentionally reduced his work load and is now at a point where he wants to start using some private pension income and, hopefully, not work at all. Full retirement age would then follow within a year or so.

So, we are trying to decide whether it is best to ‘Cession’ the AE business or leave it open until it is automatically closed due to nil income over the 24 months required (is this still the time limit?). We’re also wondering what affect our initiating the closure of the business might have on Carte Vitale (through SSI at the moment). A recent visit to URSSAF seemed to indicate that his taking ‘early retirement’’ would not affect the Carte Vitale and health care.

I’m assuming we would also have to pay CFE each year if we leave it open?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Personally, I’d close it. Why pay CFE when you don’t need to?
Shouldn’t affect your CV or health entitlements.