AE v micro enterprise

Hi everyone, I thought that I had a french auto entrepreneur status for my business, thats what I applied for and have been under the impression that is what I got, I was sent a siret number etc but over the last 18 months I have received no other tax related papers for my business.

I went to a lawyer who contacted those concerned and now he tells me that I dont have A E status at all but a micro enterprise!

I am not sure what difference there is or if there is something I need to do now to reapply for AE status.

Is my business at risk? I also need to apply for a card vital and need to know how much it will cost per month to pay for french health cover.

If there is anyone who can help or can give me the details of someone who could help I would be very grateful, meanwhile I will go back to my search for information.

Thank you and kind regards.

Thank you for your advice and help Brian, looks like from the postings on the forum I am in for a nice ride with these guys, oh well onwards and upwards, lambs to lions and all that!

Kindest of regards.


I am afraid it sounds like you are going to have to fight this out with URSSAF.Take a look in the AE group and there might be one or two things that give you ideas given some of us have been through quite a large range of isues, but this one sounds one off. What we have usuallt seen is people wanting to change status in the other direction.

Carte vitale, that is an open question too. 18 months is quite long and in a 'bad' case you should usually have had it by now. Again we know of stories that range between two weeks and two years. URSSAF again I fear.

As for how much, well go to a brokerage of your choice and get the mutuelle at least but how much that might be all depends on your status, health, age, what you want and so on.

Not much help am I? Sorry, but it is what I have extrapolated from where the AE group comes and goes to at times. Anyway, try to go to your local URSSAF office and talk to them about it...