Aerobeds in Bordeaux


In the us we have aerobeds that are a very nice inflatable mattresses. They come in twin and double sizes. You plug them in and the compressor automatically inflates them. Wondering if anyone knows if something similar is sold in France and where. My husband starts work on Tuesday and is in small furnished temporary housing. Thanks. Also if anyone is in Bordeaux are you famililiar with the new apartment complexes in Chartrons? One is Les Jardin de Millsimes and there is another complex closer to Jardin Public Jardin de la Marjolene.

Havn’t found that perfect place to call home and we heard the new bridge will be opening soon so may take an apartment for a year. Many Thanks!

Barbara, decathlon do them really cheap - 15€ for a single, and 23€ for a 140 double. the footpump costs about 5€ if I remember correctly, have used them for camping, whilst doing renovation work and when friends stay. here's a link to their site and the double matress if you don't want to go to your nearest shop: