Affinity Designer

Not what it says on the box! I have purchased Affinity Designer which is mainly an illustration programme like Adobe Illustrator but with very good text handling as well. Lots of the tools and commands are the same or similar but still a bit of a learning curve which I will get to grips with once this awful warm and sunny weather goes away.

It costs 49.99€ for ever and is thus miles cheaper than Illustrator which I could no longer justify spending our pennies on. The company has just released Affinity Photo which is an Adobe Photoshop lookalike but with more features and, yes', it's cheaper.

Has anyone else experience of this application?

I've used Serif's desktop publishing and photo editing software on my PC for years and it's excellent. Apple users have been pressing the Nottingham company for Mac versions of its software, and the Affinity products are its response. I'm no artist, but Affinity Designer looks the business. I can heartily recommend the company.

Yes he was one of the artists I liked,just looked at his drawings,love them, and Alan Mcgowan is my favourite.

The monochrome was to study tonal values.I always have a problem seeing tones,I see colour first,so this was a good excercise,I'm not too good with colour either.

Whens a good time to call at weekend,I have drawing sunday evening.

Apologies - 0559049002 - is the no.

Had a look at the winners and it seems odd to me that as photographs get higher and higher resolution most of the paintings, as you say, are photographic. I quite like hyper realism in paintings as the style can add an extra dimension but most of these are average and rather dull. I quite liked Gavan McCullough's self portrait as it had life and attitude.

Your lady looks calm and composed - why monochrome?

Gavan McCullough
Gavan McCullough

This is a monochrome study in oils I did while in London.I visited the BP Awards while there,only 2 or 3 paintings of interest,all the rest were photographic finishes. I think if I lived in a big house in the country I wouldn't get much painting done either. Dont know how to contact you Neil.

We've been a bit busy with loads of people renting the gite so I haven't done any sketching or painting but there about a dozen canvasses started but none finished so nothing to post! Plus the good weather so lots to do outside (14 shutters to paint plus a new entry ramp to the drive and new gates to make, etc.)

A chat would be nice - available Saturday or Sunday evening.

Sounds interesting...any way I can phone you and have a Mac chat?

Things have gone a bit quiet on the art groups,n'est-ce pas?

After 8 years with my G4 Mac I decided to treat myself to a new Mac Mini in May as I couldn't update programmes or get any new ones as it ran on IBM Power PC chips. The new Mac runs on Apple Intel and is brilliant and has opened up a new world of possibilities. OS X has a new update due this Autumn which will make it even better.

The illustration/paint styles a more graphic than painterly as theses are covered on Affinity Photo which I haven't bought yet but is on the list.

I've never heard of it,does it do oil and watercolour brushes? My problem is that my Mac is always too old to get these things.I wanted to get Manga studio but can't.