After Brexit - Posting Products to UK

I have a small business selling some orders into UK. I wondered if anyone knows (based on agreement going through) what I should be doing after 31st December - customs form (which)? and what will happen to the package when it reaches UK (I’m assuming the customer doesn’t have to pay anything).

Basically what will be the differences between what happens now and what will happen in the new year ?

The simple answer is that it’s likely to be complicated, but much will depend on what you’re selling.
I’m afraid that the best way to find out what applies to you is to wade through the UK government’s advice pages and then, possibly, consult an expert.

I sell a few hand made wooden items to the UK every year, and it looks as if it’s going to be so complicated that I’ve decided to stop taking UK orders.

This is what La Poste says you have to do.

A compter du 1er janvier 2021, les échanges avec le Royaume-Uni ne sont plus considérés comme des échanges intra-européens, mais comme des échanges hors Union Européenne.

De ce fait, des formalités douanières nouvelles ainsi que des suppléments tarifaires s’appliquent sur les envois postés après le 1er janvier.

A savoir : si vous expédiez votre colis avant le 1er janvier, aucune formalité n’est nécessaire, même si votre colis arrive à destination après cette date.

Vous devrez joindre à tout envoi de marchandises vers le Royaume-Uni :

Attention : cette déclaration CN23 doit être réalisée électroniquement et avant l’envoi de la marchandise. Vous serez guidés pas à pas dans cette démarche, que vous affranchissiez sur notre site en ligne ou en bureau de poste.

  • la facture pro forma pour un envoi non commercial OU la facture commerciale pour un envoi commercial (vente)

Attention : le Royaume-Uni exige que tous ces documents soient remplis en anglais

Ces formalités sont nécessaires :

  • quel que soit le type d’emballage, enveloppe ou colis, dès lors qu’il contient autre chose que des documents (qui eux sont exemptés de déclaration),
  • quelle que soit la nature de l’envoi (y compris si la marchandise est envoyée à titre gratuit, exemple pour un cadeau ou un échantillon).
  • que vous soyez particulier ou professionnel,

A savoir : du fait du traitement par les autorités douanières à l’entrée au Royaume-Uni, les délais d’acheminement des envois vers cette destination peuvent être rallongés et ne peuvent plus être garantis.

Attention : Difficultés de circulation routière entre la France et la Grande Bretagne sur fin 2020

En anticipation du Brexit au 1er janvier 2021, le flux des marchandises à destination du Royaume Uni croit très fortement. Nos transporteurs routiers nous alertent sur de fortes difficultés de circulation entre la France et la Grande Bretagne. Par conséquent, les délais de livraison des colis au départ de France à destination du Royaume-Uni risquent d’être allongés sur les derniers jours de 2020.

There is a further complication regarding uk vat.

There was a uk edict a few weeks ago that all traders selling to the uk would have to register as a uk vat entity then charge, collect and administer uk vat.

I emailed them for clarification (eg was there a turnover threshold?, how can you register an eu business on the HMRC website? etc etc) but their reply said, basically, ‘wait for further details’.

Thanks very much Brian, I’ve checked the pages and I’m not sure they have updated them to include the deal yet (mind you my alergy to official documents might be affecting me). The thought of collecting VAT, not being charged for it as income here and then sending it on is pretty worrying - I think I’ll just have to wait until into the new year and see what happens :frowning:

Thanks Jane, that was very helpful, I’ll give it a go after 1st Jan (after I’ve sourced my plastic folders :slight_smile: )

I posted a parcel on about the 20th and had to fill in all the douane forms as I would have sending to Oz, I guess they figured it wouldn’t be there by 31/12

Pre-31st you still have to fill in forms for UK, but they are simple paper forms and doesn’t matter if arrive after 31st. . After 31st it’s more complicated ones on internet.

Hi Jane, I don’t know if I am being daft but I’ve read the back of the CN22 (little green form) and it seems to say that you can use this form if the value is below 380Euros - do you know if this is right ?

This may also be useful… . … I haven’t used it recently but the calculator was accurate for US/Australia goods to UK

It will settle down - international trades managed for long enough.

What kind of stuff you sell and values make a huge difference. Declared value is also erm… not always accurately completed shall we say.

If there’s import duty that is usually paid by the customer on receipt (or when the letter arrives a week later saying oh you owe us …) - historically at £100’ish the UK got interested. I buy/bought quite a lot from the US/Australia - every site would clearly tell me I was responsible for any VAT/Import duty.

If you’re selling through ETSY or Amazon I think they’ve sorted it to make it easy for smaller traders - or sorted a lot of it - so they are the registered importer in effect - I got bored and stopped reading the e mail - but I know individual sellers pretty much just have to do the customs forms

Thanks Chris, I sell on my website and Etsy so thanks for the info about Etsy - might be easier to sell through just Etsy for a while :slight_smile:

Perhaps they’re waiting until they’ve fully understood the implications. We could be in for a very long wait :wink:

Anything useful here?..

… of course no Brexit voting person…(i’m being polite as the most appropriate moniker would get this post banned) neither understood this or wanted to admit as to the barriers that are now going to be erected.


Thanks Geof

Well I thought my posting problems would be limited to just packages going to UK. Arrived at La Poste today with a package for US, requested the usual CN22 form and was told that there are now NO forms and it must all be done online. It’s taken me 10 minutes so far and I haven’t got past the 2nd page :frowning:

I tried & failed to do the online declaration…apparently there are problems.
I posted a small package to the UK this morning, filling in the forms at the post office.

I’m a faller at the first with the HS codes. Unfortnately our post office refused the package and said it must be done on line - we might have to try another tomorrow. Can’t believe they have introduced this at the same time as dealing wth brexit.

As far as I know, you should be able to do the online application at the post office…
Either at one of the “distributeurs” or on their computer, depending on the size of the post office ie village or in town.

Thanks Bob - I’ve just managed to complete the form, takes way longer than old system - now exhaused by red tape and stress - not my most productive day.