After causing mayhem, Paterson does a runner

Oh but we are! We’re not there!

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to dislike the odious Paterson…

The smell of utter bollocks when he talks is overpowering :confused::nauseated_face:


North East Somerset, too the odious Rees-Mogg.

About the best possible all current affairs/politics programme on BBC, Kirsty W, Emily M, don’t take any prisoners and Nick Watt one of the most perceptive and we’ll connected commentators. I record it on my Freesat box and watch as I have my breakfast toast, (occasional proper Kipper …our Super U often stocks them in winter :stuck_out_tongue:) skipping bits that I’m not interested in, that along with France 24 for a take on how France sees the world and the FT online (accurate financial info’ re my pension) is a good news diet. Avoids the propaganda sheets of most British journalism !

Does my old heart good to watch them. That sycophantic Kuenssberg woman does my head in (as they say) as does the foppish egotist Peston (his book was rubbish IMHO).

I wonder if Johnson and Peston share a barber :thinking:

You’ll be pleased to know Ms Kuenssberg is likely to part of the big BBC re-shuffle next year.

According to press gossip she is on the way out with Jon Sopel soon to return from America and Chris Mason of Radio 4 front favourites and Sarah Smith Scottish Ed ’ as a possible option to play “the Union is important card”.

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After the end of the Louis Minchin era on BBC breakfast the BBC might realise that her replacement Sally Newgent is useless. The woman annoys me intensely, so false, just saying!

I believe she speaks very highly of you JB. :wink:

When I’m eating my cereal in the morning I don’t want a former sports reporter trying to rip a government minister to pieces, that’s the job of a political correspondent who actually understands Westminster.

Whatever people think of LK she is one of the few ‘ITK’ journalists who politicians of all sides talk to unlike Kay Burley of Sky who is just plain rude and incredibly thick.

Well each to his own I suppose, but I too watch Newsnight and my favourite on there is Emily Maitless, but I find the rasping tones of Kirsty Wark very difficult to listen to.

But I have never understood the criticism of Laura K, and her alleged bias. I try to avoid watching in fascination the strange twisting of her mouth while talking because I find her reports most informative. I will be sorry if she was to depart.

I follow her on twitter, I am surprised with just how biased she has become, she is very Pro-Johnson, not necessarily the government.

She tends to restate a lot of what she is told by “a number 10 insider” but rarely seems to dig any further to establish if it is the truth that she has been told or to see what the reason for it is.

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A girlish crush on the shaggy hired lothario? :joy:

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She wouldn’t needto be sacked, just sectioned :wink:

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