After causing mayhem, Paterson does a runner

Not before Johnson’s humiliation though…

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His position really had become untenable though.

Plus he might have been pushed anyway as I think another vote was planned - this time rather more chance the government would lose.

I think politics is better without someone with no back bone or morals. I do also think the process of investigating accusations of wrong doing / corruption should be reviewed and made much more transparent to the voting public. Paterson obviously decided he was going to be found out properly and realised he would never recover from this. We will probably read of his new job(s) next week in various non exec positions feathering his next nicely.


So, basically all Tory MPs?


Whilst we enjoy his departure, lets not forget he is keeping the money.


He can wait in the wings with Hancock et al, until Doris ‘needs’ them :roll_eyes:


And so it continues… A 25K bung in kind to Bojo :shushing_face:

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Good riddance (excuse my language) to an arrogant sod…!!!

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Can we have a whip round to keep him there?

Typical SF members, rather than moan about this people should celebrate as it might help hasten the end of the Tories. :roll_eyes:

You lot are never happy.


Some of us are. :grin: :grin: :grin:


No, not all tory MP’s. There are some good ones in all parties, it’s just a shame most don’t get to be in cabinet, they are probably too busy being MP’s to their constituents.


Might being the operative word here, as all evidence of the last few years has shown that to be very unlikely. Donald Trump’s comment about what he could do in 5th Avenue comes to mind.

I’ve just been reading a Vice article about the ‘Cool Britannia’ label and time period and many of the people spoke on the feeling of finally coming out of 18 years of Tory government and how it literally uplifted the atmosphere, there was hope, excitement even, even if the era itself became a slogan and a lot of hot air, and it hit me that I could quite expect to see that being even longer this time, and unlike most comments I see I in no way blame anyone but the British public for that. Tories or a noisy seagull with a vicious squark? I’d vote the seagull. Tories or a blow up sex doll with a slow puncture? Deflating Doris gets my vote. Until people stop all this ‘Where’s the alternative?’ crap and just vote for anything that will help to rid the country of the Tory party then unfortunately they get what they deserve in my book, which is very sad. Harsh I know, but the reality as I see it. The alternatives are there, people just need to vote.


The most despicable thing I have heard from the Tories in the Paterson affair (and I am currently hearing on Newsnight) is their (and his) attempt to leverage the tragic suicide of his wife as an excuse for him not facing the consequences of his behaviour and for his resignation. Paterson has said that it was the investigation into his shady dealings that pushed his wife to take the action she did, if so the only person responsible was himself.


Same thing being said on Question time!

Owen Paterson was my MP. Doesn’t matter who you vote for in North Shropshire you get Conservative MP. Apparently it’s the farmers - perhaps Brexit will have changed that? We’ll have to wait for the by-election.

Same in North Yorkshire where we used to live. Weigh the Tory votes, didn’t need to do any counting…except out MP, ex founder of big nation estate agency was a Remainer, then having smelt the local and decided as the country had voted out he would switch and then picked up a PPS job

Well, you can hardly cheer that your government is so inept that the PM cannot even imagine how much damage his actions would do to his own side.

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MP for Shrewsbury clings on harder than the stickiest bogey too.

Oh my, parliament would be nearly empty then!!! No morals or/and no backbone…