Age is only a number - (or is it?) Ongoing

Of course not. I would listen politely, understanding that what you want to say is your choice, not mine.

@Geof_Cox I begin to think you are a saint. :innocent:

Or I could just be taking that old-fashioned ‘free-speech’ idea serioulsy.

The other thing to consider - as is obvious to all now - is that the surest way to really ‘hijack’ a thread is to try to tell others what they should and shouldn’t be saying - it is just about the most ‘political’ thing you can say on social media.
Much better to simply ignore posts you think are off-topic or whatever - and try to reintroduce your favoured type of discussion rather more gently.

I was going to post about our friends who are 77 and 80 this year (been here 30 years) … am I in the right place :rofl:
Anyway, Our friends who used to keep an eye on the house when it was a holiday home are 77 and 80 this year. He will be 80 and she has just celebrated 77 (we had to have a think and a count before she concluded how old she was) :slight_smile: They still do a change over on one rental property and gardening / pool work for five others. I now assist them with the opening and closing of the pools as the covers are heavy and understandably they find it physically challenging. The OH and I get a couple of lunches for my services so it works out well.
They don’t act like they are 77 and 80 and that I think is why they are still so active - I doubt half their clients realise how old they actually are. They have been a huge help to us getting used to living in France and without them it would have been much more stressful.
If we can be as young at heart and positive when we get to their age then I think we will be very lucky. It’s all in the mind they said the other day !


Still a spring chicken. :slight_smile: As someone half way between 75 and 76 I am hoping I live to 120. I feel privileged to be living at this time and am hoping that I am going to see a little of what mankind makes of it all. The next 40 years I believe are going to be both terrible and glorious.


Good grief, I make an offhand joke that was set up for me after posting about Ancestors who died early and I’m thread hijacking :roll_eyes:

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I was watching a little lad near my house and I wandered over to see what he was up to…

The collection of stones and bits of this and that… was actually a “future farm” , complete with future animals, machinery et al… but, as he talked, it was clearly totally unlike any farm I know…
We have so many problems today… he explained solemnly… we must find new ways.
he was repeating some phrases probably spoken by his parents… fair enough
but his own concept of “future farm” sounded so workable and he was so enthusiastic…

Turns out he’s 5 years old… definitely someone to watch, for the future… (I reckon he has the brain power beyond his years)


Are you posting as both @Cromdale and @Moray? If so it might be best if your accounts are merged. @billybutcher

Didn’t see any offhand joke in what you quoted @Cromdale as saying ? It seemed to be an entirely serious post about the death of his sister, who he still misses. Maybe another post had an offhand joke ?. I too noted no earlier post by Cromdale and assumed the post had been deleted.

I don’t think that there is a way to “merge” accounts as such - I have suspended the Cromdale account (neither login nor posting allowed) - @Moray can continue to post as long as they keep within the site T&C and the posts under Cromdale can still be viewed on the site.

Thanks for spotting the duplicate.

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I don’t think I’ll ever be so brave…


At that age what do you have to lose? More power to her wingwalking! :champagne::clinking_glasses::notes::bouquet:


But I intend to make 100… :wink: :wink:
I’m certainly up for charity fund raising… but not quite like that…

and I agree. she’s marvellous


I expect she does too but better to go out as a lion than as a lamb :slightly_smiling_face:

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ha ha… I eat lamb !!! :wink:

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Looking forward to seeing that next time we discuss abortion :wink:

Tsss tsss you’re allowed to say you don’t want one, you’re not allowed to say I can’t have one. :wink:

And poor old Voltaire spins in his grave …

Ta liberté s’arrête là où commence celle des autres.

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