Aged Parent (1a)

The aged parent has failed to settle in the posh home, and has finally reached a decision to sell the famly pile. She would move here yesterday given the chance but we have now to organise the help we need to allow her to intigrate into our family. The Owner of her care home has been very supportive and has given us details of her ‘care plan’ and that we can duplicate using ‘aides a domicile’ but at a gross cost of €18.80 per hour! The ‘Infirmieres a domicile’ are covered on her Carte Vitale, when she gets one, as is the supply of a ‘lit medicalisee’ etc.

When we’ve organised the care she will be able to come over and we can investigate if a more economical regime of care is practicable, we wont know until weve tried and I’m a great believer in belts and braces even wearing elasticated trousers! but, taking into account her income, it should be managable.

I thought at first that we would have to use a medivac service but Wendy from Brandon House, her care home, says not, she has lots of experience of shipping guests abroad, usually because the kids have all emigrated, some as far as Canada. so thats a relief because the medivac people’s costs were astronomical!

thanks Suzanne, Fortunately Mum is self funding , we had an ‘ordanance’ from our doctor for 30 hours per month and he believes that due to her varied medical conditions she may well be able to claim 100%!!! but ATM the other 30hrs are funded, as Mum will need to join the French Tax system I shall remember to include this cost, …

Roger - I think you might get 50% of the Aide a Domicile back against your tax if your mum is a dependent? Or she will get it back? Check with an accountant because I got 50% of mine back when I needed one to help me during my last pregnancy/post operation. The company sent me an attestation for all my payments at the end of the year & we used that in our tax calc.

Thiviers 24800

where do you live?

I’ve checked out the advert for ‘Alliance-vie’ but there doesnt seem to be anyone close to us.

Hi Alison, have investigated the means testing 4 months ago, It looks as if we could reclaim 28% of the allowed hourly cost (see my blog ‘Aged Parent’), just waiting now for a visit from the coordinateure so that we can determine what the ‘allowed’ hours will be!
I was also wondering if any Aides a domicile were prepared to work independantly say for cheque d’emploi? as a petit enterprise and what the likely rate would be?

you can claim some of the cost of an aide a domicile back off your tax bill and if you go through the conseil general they may be able to allocate you a set number of hours per week which they pay for (this is means tested!. the admr or association should be able to help you with this if you are eligible. good luck Alison ( yes i’m an ´aide a domicile´)

Good luck - think your approach is eminently sensible - like you say, you will just have to try it and see how it goes. Catharine x