Agent responsibilities

Hi, looking for some advice and guidance
I agreed to buy a property.
The day before closing we discover that the electricity and water had been disconnected. We had been given a commitment that they would remain in place
The vendors tell us they told the agent months ago that they disconnected the services and the agent says they where told only a week before closure but still didnt tell us until the day before closure.
Any ideas where that leaves us with the agent

What did the Notaire say, when you mentioned this to him at the closure (by “closure” I am presuming you mean the final signing everything at the Notaire’s office…)

Hi , yes, we attended to close the sale with the vendors, he said it was a mess and it was up to me if I wanted to proceed.
He didnt advice for or against

No… he wouldn’t advise… but he rightly let you decide what you wanted to do…

without firm evidence of something “illegal”… I’m not sure you have anywhere to go with this… you decided to continue with the Closure… you Signed… surely, end of story… :thinking:

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It sounds like the “buyer beware” saying has been forgotten here.
Have you actually completed the purchase and the house is yours?
I think that whatever the agent said or didn’t say is over ruled by the notaire.
If you attended the completion and so did the vendors, as you suggest then what is done is done.
Sorry to sound negative but might I suggest that the state of the property and its services have perhaps been lost in translation/your understanding?
If completed then the agent will now have thier cut and moved on.
I hope you get things sorted out.

Hi, No I wouldnt let him close it. I wouldnt let him pay the agent.
The agent is English so no confusion,
We believe we where misled intentionally


so Closure has NOT happened… ??? that’s a whole new ball game…

In which case, it’s up to you to walk away from the Purchase or possibly pay up to have the utilities reinstated…

without proof of who said what to whom… and when… etc… I would think you are on a hiding to nothing…

Ok, so all is not lost?
Surely you can liaise with the agent and vendor to get water and electricity reconnected and job done, if this is the only beef you have with the situation?
Ask them to arrange reconnection and then when it has been done sign on the dotted line and enjoy your future home.

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If the Sellers are eager to Sell… maybe they will allow the costs of reconnection be deducted from the Selling Price… or they might just pay them themselves… who knows… got to be worth asking the question…

connection/reconnection costs can be quite steep…

I am so sorry that you have had what you are obviously taking as a bit of sharp practice.
We bought fifteen years ago and our French Agent organised the renaming of our bills and everything was left on for us.