Aggresive cat behavoir

I don’t know if this is the right area to write this but… We have a very likeable orange female spayed, declawed cat. The only problems is she only likes my husband and me. No one else can come near her.

She is a much like a watch dog, as in she won’t let anyone come in when we are gone. This is a major problem since we are planning a long stay in France this spring. We have tried prozac from the vet which we didn’t like as it just made her wobbly. We have had better luck with the naural pheromone collar and anti stress treats. However they have to be given 2-3 times per day. Coming with won’t work as she is a terrible traveler [messes in the carrier]. Can anyone give advice on what to do with her?

Hi Bonnie,

Not quite sure what advice you are wanting?

Is it to help with her attitude towards your husband, her travelling problems or the outward agression to others?

Try transferring this question to Cat Chats too - I think thats the better place for this discussion and you may get some more advice there.