AGM via Zoom?

I belong to a photo club and we are coming up to our AGM in November.
For the last 2 years we have held our AGM on Zoom and it has worked very well. Not least because some of our members are UK based.

Does anyone know, please, whether we can continue to have our AGM that way? Or was it only permitted through the height of covid?

Is it a club forming part of an Association, Sue? If so, the Mairie should know I think?

what is the structure of the “club”?
Ah… Angela beat me to it…

Yes, we are an Asso.

my opinion - based on the fact that I know nothing of the structure of such associations.
Given that the incidence of Covid is expected to rise once more in France over the coming months, anything that can be done to reduce it must be a good thing.
If your rules are silent on the issue, perhaps it is time to include it on the agenda for the AGM for inclusion to make it more clear? I’m sure that would be a good thing anyway so as not to exclude members who may be unable to travel but would love the opportunity to contribute.

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We faced similar issue with our running club, made slightly more awkward because the consitution specifically referred to things like a “quorum of XX of is required of those who attendthe meeting; only those who attend the meeting can vote etc.”
To avoid any doubt, at an AGM we altered the constitution so that meetings and votes could be held in person or electronically.


@GraemeL a form of words as used in your constitution might be helpful to @SuePJ if you are willing to share.

Extract from Constitution:-

The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Constitution and of Club Rules. The decision of the Committee upon any questions of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Club and not provided for by the Constitution, shall be final and binding on the Members except if otherwise directed by the Club in a Special or Annual General Meeting.

The following descriptions are used in the Constitution in relation to meetings, with the inference that the physical presence of the relevant individual is required; ‘in person’, ‘show of hands’, ‘personally present ’, ‘ present’. These descriptions and any other similar descriptions can also be determined by the Committee to apply to video type electronic communications when more appropriate, such as when physical meetings are not permitted


That might best be amended to include occasions beyond “when physical meetings are not permitted” to encompass those occasions where meetings are held using electronic communication media in any circumstances.

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