Agricultural employment status

I am wondering about an agriculture employment status whereby the individual is a registered agricultural business but has the right to earn money from a different main employment. I know that certain subventionnés are available to repair buildings with this status but I don’t know what the status is called.
Thank you :pray:

I am not aware there is anything to prevent anybody being a registered agriculteur and having a second income.
My impression is though that the solidarity payments tend to discourage hobby farmers.

I’m not quite understanding your question. As an agriculteur you have a range of statuts open to you - GAEC, EURL etc. And grants are available for all sorts of thing - including repairing your old barns. And nothing to stop you also having a salaried job as far as I know.

Young farmers who are “double actif” have a range of grants available to them called “dotation jeune agriculteur”. Might that be what you are thinking of?

Does this help, it’s for northern France but similar will exist elsewhere