Aidez-moi - french parsley courgette cucumber

(french ) neighbour gives us from potager

The makings of an excellent chilled soup :yum:


parsley can be chopped and frozen.

Cucumbers if too many you can make relish / pickled cucumbers.

Courgettes you can make a nice soup with vache qui rit. If you slightly pan fry in oil and garlic they can also be frozen for the winter.

Courgettes are very good sliced using a vegetable peeler to make thin lamelles and eaten raw. You can also use them in cakes. Just remove the skin so no-one knows otherwise they won’t try it. I make chocolate cakes using grated courgettes. I wait until everyone’s tried it and told me it’s delicious and then I tell them it’s got courgettes in it :joy::joy::joy:

Here’s a recipe I use:


If the courgettes are small, slice and melt them in butter on a low heat and after 20 minutes add the chopped parsley and serve. The cucumber needs to be used separately - with tomatoes?

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Now I am back using the market for my veg (hated the bag and weigh your own at the supermarket) from time to time he throws in some parsley.

I just put in in to steam with the rest of the veg, it adds a sort of peppery taste, what do others do with it?

We actually can’t grow enough of it as it goes in so many savoury dishes and soups. As @toryroo says, it freezes well if chopped.

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But do you just drop it whole into the, steaming/boiling, veg, for instance, and eat the lot or strip the stems and eat what’s left or simply use it in the cooking and leave it aside?

Cucumber mousse, loads of recipes on the net. Lovely summer grub.

I don’t generally cook it with veg although I can’t see any reason why not. For most uses, you strip off the leaves - the stem is usually used in stocks (or gets thrown). I chop the leaves when adding parsley to anything.

Get LOTS of parsley, a big bunch of mint, the cucumber, a couple of tomatoes (seeds removed), an onion and a handful of soaked & squeezed out bulghur.
Chop the lot small, put it in a bowl add lemon juice salt and olive oil.
Cut the courgette in ribbons lengthways with a peeler, salt them, drain them, put oil and acid on them (olive and lemon or sesame and yuzu).
Leave both to sit for an hour or so then eat up.


Yum I love Lebanese tabouli! I was so shocked when I saw tabouli here which is all carbs!

to get the excess water out?


Thank you, I’ll give it a try next time he gives me a bunch. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

sounds remarkably like this evenings meal :grin:, but with some chopped cold roasted red peppers, capers and Moroccan spices.

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Grate courgettes (squeeze out excess liquid) carrots, onlon and make a frittata :yum: lovely hot or cold.


We spiralise the courgette and use them as lo carb spaghetti.


Looks good but I dont want to download pintrest or any other app to view it.

Courgette grated in homemade coleslaw is lovely. Courgette & cumin soup is a great favorite in our family and you just can’t beat homemade tsatsiki , to use up the cucumbers.