Air BnB.. declaring your income

This info has just dropped into my in-box. You may have it already, if not… take a look.

How, where and when is the Taxe de Sejour paid ?


Hi Peter

Page 53 of the pdf offered on this link (guide practique)… I think, might point you in the right direction… though the whole guide makes interesting reading…

Thanks for that Stella, very kind.

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One of the objections to airbnb is that hosts don’t operate as other registered holiday lets and as well as avoiding tax, they don’t collect taxe de séjour. There is a way to get airbnb to do it for you, here…

However it is dead simple, pop down to your local tourist office to find out if your area has imposed it (not all areas do) and if so ask for the information about what it would be for your set up. (The amount varies according to type of accommodation and star rating). Then a simple form to fill in 2 or 3 times a year and send with cheque to your Trésor Public. In some areas you can also do it online now.

You are also supposed to show it separately on your invoices.

If you have registered your accommodation with your Marie (as you should) I’m surprised that you haven’t been sent info about it. But it is a poorly monitored taxe so I imagine people have been not paying it for years with no problems.


Hi Jane… as the funds/subsidies from the Government and Local Government…are getting less and less each year… I suspect the Communes will be knuckling down and getting everyone to pay up.

I can not see why booking s via Air B and B should be taxless…
I Have had one or 2 and just declare it the income in the normal manner
I wonder how many of us register for Tax de Sejour.
Yet another on line tax for me to take care of and I am hopless
with internet stuff.
But I have been paying it from, day 1.

I pay it for the client.
It looks like a petty extra.

I agree! We prefer to give an all inclusive charge, and not ask for TdS, 5€ for a basket of wood, X€ for electricity above a certain number of Kw and so on…

However last year our TdS increased to 1.10€ per person per night. So a week with 4 adults in low season (30€) makes a large hole in our profit for that week. Since we have mainly french clientele who are used to it, this year we’ve started adding it on top rather than raising our overall price. So far no one has said anything and already nearly fully booked from May through to Sept…

( and we’ve never used airbnb…I object to it on principal so the longer we can do without using the better)

Great that you do not need to use air b and b and that you are fully booked;
Would like to see your web site…is that possible.

And your website?

Lovely place…mainly UK clients? Not like our small place. But the important thing is to know your niche market, and keep your clients happy, which we both do in our own way.

(And I see why TdS is petty for you!)

Jane we do enjoy our work and that is why we came here.
To carry on but doing less work, less hours and to a region which is stunning.
Yes mainly British people but people from all over the world.
More interest from Americans this year.
Yes keeping the clients happy is our job and I spend a lot of hrs on here sorting out
hotels and routes for travellers and, of course different vineyard visits and special
Always new purchases each year…tables; fridges, settees, kitchen stuff; bed linen, pagodas.
Well you know how it goes.
I pay it myself…of course.

Originally our plan was to renovate that building to provide a smaller house/garden for us to move in to when we were too old for our large house and garden… but we couldn’t imagine not having some kind of work so once it was finished we instead decided to run it as a gîte. Which has been good and we’ve enjoyed meeting such a variety of people. 75% french clients and the rest are Dutch, Swiss, Belgian and German. And now getting more repeat clients so some are turning into friends. Luckily we never planned for it to be our main business as in this area the only ones that really generate liveable money are gîtes de groupe (25-50 teenagers is my idea of hell, so not for us!).

So hard to do nothing.
Nice that you have made friends with some of your clients.