Air Quality

Just offering this as a possibly useful link…
Click on your Department, and/or enter your Commune… and it gives the latest air quality and what (if anything) is “the problem”…
Might be of prticular interest to those with chest problems/weaknesses etc etc.

(For OH, I check our commune daily, it’s become a habit like checking the bank balance… :wink: :wink: )


Didn’t work for me @Stella, picked me up and dumped me into the Gironde estuary. :roll_eyes:

The map also looks strange, everything north of Limoges is good, and that city and everything south, with the exception of Lyon and Bordeaux, is less so. :thinking:,43.444943,5.943604,46.950262

@David_Spardo enter your commune name in the box toprighthand of the link above…
press “enter” and it will open up “your” info…


EDIT: I’m wondering if you pressed the blue thingy at the right of the “entrez votre commune” box… as doing that does bring up a thingy which tries to find “you”…

Pressing ENTER instead will take you to whichever Commune you have tapped in…

This map seems to coincide with the passage of the warm front currently crossing the country. Our village, which is much lower down than where we live, is affected by ozone today (so yellow marker), although the other indicators are green, and the villages higher up to the east are all green today, but tomorrow will be yellow, as the warm clear weather moves eastwards. Interesting.

As I’ve said… I check every day for us… been doing this for more than a year.

Sometimes it’s pollen which pollutes and I realize why I’m sneezing :wink: … sometimes there’s pollution of a more worrying kind, for which one is advised to stay indoors.

In the main, our air is pretty good which is quite a comfort… but with health weaknesses it does pay to know what’s what outside our home… :wink: :wink:

and, of course, if we’re planning trips with our clubs we can check the air quality wherever… :wink:

I’ll try again, but that is what I did the first time, I tried again and pressed the bluey and got dumped on my way out to sea. :astonished:

I know it is a hot day but this is ridiculous, back in the Gironde again. But you were right, that was the result of pressing the bluey, but I only did that when nothing happened when I did exactly what you said.