Air to hot water pump for underfloor heating and hot water - possible coolant in the summer and bypass for pool

My name is Sharon

Does anybody know about these pumps and have had experience of using one in their own home in the Riberac area in SW France

Oh and I should just add that the biggest issue is addressing the difference in flow rates. Pools have high flow rates compared to under floor heating systems so anyone who is an installer, even one who is very up to date on these systems needs to explain how they will integrate both to work other wise you'll end up with something that won't work that well if at all which is a familiar pattern on forums.

Not many installers will go outside their knowledge base or supplier so finding someone who is independent and can asses your needs properly should be high on your list.

Surely David swimming pool that leaked would be a gross waste of water. working properly little water is wasted especially with a cover on whilst not in use.

A local proper swimming pool, Community pool? will be a far bigger waste of water as under French regulations 25litres of water bather needs to be replaced per day.

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Sorry to you Sharon, it was just a tease on the title.

Air source heat pumps are good to use in the situation you wish as the temperatures of the pool and the under floor heating are low compared to heating a hot water tank or radiators both of which require higher temperatures which is the point where heat pumps are not efficient.

I haven't personally done this but know of others elsewhere who have.

Thank you.


No thank God we live in Gironde but only just. Our system was fitted by M.Renous France Chauffage JF Renous Pineuilh 33220. Very good artisan and very up to date on such systems.

Many thanks for your reply. Are you in the Dordogne area and who fitted it for you?

Many thanks.


Sorry I am new to this and I just wondered if anyone had used this system and if they could recommend a company and if it was expensive.

Many thanks for your reply

We have a pompe a chaleur air water system which supplies our underfloor heating. It works very well. We didn't go for it to supply our domestic hot water which works perfectly adequately on the standard ballon d'eau chaude and off peak electricity. i suppose we could have had a reverse system for cooling but then we would have had greasy cold floors. We don't have a swimming pool because we regard them as a gross waste of water and if we want to swim we can go down to he river or to a local proper swimming pool.

If nothing else you should get an award for the longest thread title!

It should be possible to utilise an air source heat pump for both.