Air traffic noise over rural France?

I wouldnt do it anyway, the satelites can spot a pimple on a ducks arse from up there.

If its the military (airforce) it will get you nowhere.

Great reply, thank you very much, very helpful. I will check out your links.

Thanks for the helpful information. We don’t actually hear much at our rented property just north of Chamberet, even when out in the garden. What worries us is that the last few times we have been up at our renovation project and have stayed over in our caravan we have noticed not constant but very regular plane noise. Our renovation house is in Bonnefond commune, Correze (810 metres) and it is much higher up than Chamberet which is at 480 metres. Saw two arrow shaped jets (Mirages?) go over earlier today at our Bonnefond house. They were very high up, but noisy. I would say from as early as 6.00am this morning we heard a plane every ten to fifteen (sometimes closer) minutes until we left at around 4.00pm. Since we got back to our rental we have barely heard anything. The Bonnefond property is only 21 kilometres east of here, so I don’t understand why we have been so plagued with it up there recently when we hear little at Chamberet?


Is there any other type of sunbathing? When I moved here I decided that when in such situations it was the only proper thing to do, the french way. I often wonder if that’s why all the farmers can’t do enough to help, since they’re a little higher off the ground than car drivers so get a better view in my place, but I’m sure it’s my sparkling personality instead… :laughing:

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Remember that most noises you hear in a caravan you won’t hear living in a house due to the walls and insulation.

Yes I understand that, but we are planning to have a yurt on our land for guests and we spend a great deal of time outdoors. The noise as it was today would be totally unacceptable…almost constant! We have nearly four hectares of woodland and meadow. To be fair we have owned the house for nearly a year, but work has been delayed for a whole number of factors, including Covid. It is only during recent stays up there that the air traffic noise has been really intrusive and regular. I realise there will be more commerical aircraft in the summer/autumn due to holiday flights (most from the UK crossing France), but cannot get my head around why it has been so noisy just recently? Cannot often see the planes just hear them??

It’s definitely kicked up a lot this year and it began to ramp up last year. I think we must be the southern end of the same flightpaths as you have going over.

Personally this would have been a factor in not taking the house where we are but that was nearly 30 years ago.

I wish there was a way to enforce only certain times and days that were regulated and preannounced each year. Plus some requirement not to pick on the same territory over and over.

here in rural Burgandy, we have regular sound barrier bangs. Usually 2 french airforce low flying jets. i think its a price one pays for rural living. Same time daily. My wife waves to them. Dont take it as a problem. They have to train, somewhere.

Reading here about aircraft and the noise they make across rural France reminded me of a Harrier Jump Jet, landing at St.Pancras railway station in London more than 50 years ago, in 1969. I lived nearby and got my bike out and went down to see it landing.

For what seemed to me to be a very small aircraft it made the most impossibly loud noise – it was incredible! It seemed inconceivable to me that it was possible for that small aircraft to generate so much noise.

The ‘smoke’ in the first photo is coal dust lifted by those powerful vertical lift engines.

harrier 01
harrier 02


Love the second photo and the pilot? on the RHS sitting down having a cup of tea - how British! :grin:

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Well spotted - he is, I believe, the pilot who won first prize for the fasted crossing from London to New York in the Daily Mail Transatlantic Air Race.

He deserves that cup of tea!

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What amazing pictures! The coal dust is terrifying!

Glad you pointed that out, I’d missed it :rofl: :rofl:

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