Airbnb- rules and regulations

Hi, can I advertise the spare rooms in my home on Airbnb without having to register with the Marie, fill in forms etc? I just can’t seem to find the information with a google search. There’s a lot written about Paris regulations but nothing about rural France. I’m in 34. Thanks.

Hi Alison

Yes, I had to register my spare bedrooms at my Mairie… under the heading: Chambres d’Hôtes…

It is quite straightforward …your name, address, how many bedrooms, total number of folk possible at any one time… and also what sort of availability you will offer eg: All year round, June - August… etc etc…

You don’t have to tell the Mairie how you wish to advertise your Rooms… though they may well discuss local Tourist Office info…

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In fact Airbnb itself stresses that you have to comply with all national and local legislation
"En décidant de devenir hôte sur Airbnb, il est important que vous vous informiez de la réglementation applicable, tant nationale que spécifique à votre commune" and it goes on to explain the rules and gives you the links.

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Do you also have to register as an auto-entrepreneur?
Thank you

Hi Michelle…

I am not intending to earn sufficient for that… I only have a few visitors each year for local weddings etc…but, even so… I had to register.

My neighbour is registered at the Mairie as well… she is at the other end of the scale with loads of clients through Airbnb…

Thanks Stella. I didn’t think there was a minimum earning for autoentrepreneur. So you are saying yes for the Marie, but not as a business as such.
Many thanks for your help, just thinking!

Mine is only “pin-money”… but it pays for tyres and other bits on my car…:grinning:

When I am older :wink: and less active/hectic… and at home more often…I shall probably be glad to build the business up and become an AE or whatever.

Ahh, thank you. This is news to me and will certainly make us think about whether to airbnb in the future.

That’s great Stella but you are declaring the revenue aren’t you ?

Simon… I always do the correct thing… result of having a strict (but fabulous) Father. :innocent:

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There’s a bit of a catch 22 going on since Jan 1st. As mentioned you have to register at the Marie. This will now lead to you being contacted by your local admin dept for the taxe de séjour. It may take a month or two or three but it happens eventually. Some regions are much slower than others. In our region the declaration for the tax is made online and the form to be completed includes a SIRET number. Obviously you need to be registered to have a SIRET. Ho hum, as they say.

Phew… I’m glad (well, almost) that I have been “laid-up” (some might say plastered) for the past year and unable to accept anyone… other than friends who can (and do) make their own beds etc…

I shall have to investigate the rules if/when I decide to reopen for business… and ensure that I stay legal…:innocent:

Actually, I just checked the online tax declaration and it is possible to submit it without the SIRET. Maybe they are just future proofing.

Just register your activity with your local CFE (Centre de formalitiés des entreprises - at your tax office) using form P0i. You’ll then be issued with a SIRET / SIREN.

Maybe it depends where you are, but I’ve been running my gites and B&B for a few years now, first in the Cote d’Azur, and now in the Dordogne. Almost all my clients come through Airbnb. On the coast I had to declare at the Mairie (a very basic an simple form), and they automatically sent me forms to fill out when it was time to pay the taxe de sejour (4x per year). In that situation I paid exactly for the number of guests I had received. Here in the dordogne I had to register the same way at the Mairie (very simple), and also at the local tourist office(?) and they will send me a bill at the end of the summer. The amount I will have to pay is not based on the actual number of guests, but they calculate the maximum guests you could receive in July and August, and that’s what you pay for the whole year. I do pay revenue, and I am fully declared/legal, but never needed a siret/siren number.

Well Henriette - you’ve got away with it then (!) - possibly you don’t pay (?) Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises as a result of your non-declaration of a commercial activity - it depends how you’re set up. I think you’ll find things are tightening up - specifically in respect of Airbnb activity.

Again - here’s the legislation - take a look at the ‘Démarches’ section:

Simon… yes, your Link is very interesting…

Location entre particuliers

3 janv. 2017 - Direction de l’information légale et administrative (Premier ministre)

La loi de financement de la sécurité sociale pour 2017 prévoit, sous certaines conditions, l’affiliation obligatoire au régime social des indépendants (RSI) des particuliers louant un logement meublé de manière répétée et pour de courtes durées à une clientèle de passage.

Cette page est en cours de mise à jour.

De quoi d’agit-il:
Le meublé de tourisme est un hébergement individuel de type villa, appartement, studio loué pour de courtes durées (à la journée, semaine ou mois).

Pour être qualifié de meublé, le logement doit comporter au minimum :

des meubles,
une literie,
une gazinière ou plaques chauffantes,
un réfrigérateur, 

No cooking equipment or fridge in any of my bedrooms… so this does not apply to me…(phew)…Chambre d’hôtes hasn’t changed regulations as far as I can see :slight_smile:

Stella you’re referring to the new legislation which came into force earlier this year relating to RSI affiliation - to which an annual turnover limit applies (i.e. above 23,000€). No at all the same thing as the requirement to register your commercial activity with the tax authorities (i.e. not only the declaration to your mairie).

Simon… Oooops…sorry…:blush: I thought you had pointed out that link for me and my little Chambre d’Hôtes…

Mine is only for pin-money (as already stated) and does not need to be registered as a commercial activity.

Yes, a demand for the estimated Taxe de Sejour does land once a year, but only if I am open-for-business, and therefore registered at the Mairie, in that particular year.

I stand corrected, I’ve only been running gites up till now, we’re only just starting the Chambre d’hotes as well. Yes, that’s a different ball game.