Airport security and metal inserts

Following a bad fracture, my son had three titanium pins put in his arm. He will be travelling to UK next week and obviously when he passes through the airport metal detector, the alarm bells will sound.

Has anyone any personal experience as to what the airport security want? I will send him with his x-ray. Hoping that will suffice, but with all the stringent rules these days I want to be sure.

I have researched the travel conditions put out by Ryanair, but this matter does not seem to be covered.

Having 2 replacement hips, one titanium, one ceramic, plate in my chest, and 3 pins in my right leg, and reasonably well travelled, I have only ever set the alarm off once-- Kiev, in the Ukraine, I thought the worst, but not a problem at all, a charming lady with a hand held scanner was called, and I was scarcely delayed.

I think thats the reason Susan.....pins etc in bones are well covered by bone which obviously is pretty dense, whereas our hip replacements are whole articulated joints not buried in bone...I don't think even fat camouflages titanium!

Trish - We travel quite often to the US and EVERY time, my titanium hip replacement sets the alarms off. Not only there, but everywhere else, including Cuba, Hungary, South Africa etc. ---- I wonder whether it depends on how big the titanium implant is (from my X-rays, I see there is a rather large object that shows up) and how deeply it is inside? The hip replacements are almost at surface level, and I'm not very fat.

My husband has quite a bit of titanium in him following a bad car crash--he also has a number of pins. We travelled to the States last year with no problem it was not detected at all at any of the airports: Marseille, Paris, LA, Amsterdam--he reminds me that his are embedded within the bone (except the smaller pins). I think I remember the surgeon saying it wouldn't be an issue.

Anyhow, it never went off.

Thanks Carol. After reading all my replies, I don't know why I whittled about it. I suppose as just an occasional user of airports I am too cautious.

I have metal screws in both my feet that set off airport alarms, leaving Salzburg this year i had to go through the scanner twice, was then patted down, and scanned with a hand held scanner, i don't think they were entirely convinced, but let me through….

Been there, done it because I have worked in Viet Nam and visited Cuba I could not get a visa. Bits of metal in me, when I get my shoulder joint replacement, will not make that easier. Think I'll give it a wide berth.

The US is becoming very difficult to get into. I think I may give it a miss for the foreseeable future. I read an article yesterday about a guy who went to the US via Canada on a train, because he had visited various countries who were 'not friendly with the US' he was denied access and sent back to Canada. Dont think I could be bothered. Will make do with the rest of the world instead!

Noooo! If they insist on looking, I'm going to insist on stripping :-) On the way back to France, we go via New York and I hear that this is really strict. Not that all the US Airports aren't.

Me too Susan...havent been asked if I fly to the US will be flying wearing a side zipping skirt so I can show them without a striptease!

Having a good laugh at the suggestions to show them your arm, ankle or whatever ---- I'd hate to bring the Airport to a standstill by pulling down my jeans to show them the scar going up to my hips :-) I've been through the Laying on of Hands internationally: one of the countries it seems that has very sensitive equipment is, the USA.

I had a new hip a year ago...despite being told it was ceramic, there must be some metal there somewhere as I have set off every alarm at every airport since....(around 6 flights to date)....I tell them before I go through I had a new hip last year...they still do a quick pat down....but several have laughed and made a joke about all the customers with spare parts setting off alarms. Maybe because I am a woman and a woman of a certain age that they dont fret too much....but your son is not alone...there are thousands of people out there with pins in arms and legs....if they are the least bit suss your son can always show them his arm, I wouldnt fret.

I'm surprised my well-filled teeth haven't set anything off! But seriously, I have some implants in my inner ears and they have never set anything off - I have no scars to show as the ops were done through the ear drum... and xrays are no good as it's in the bony area of the skull.

its no big deal. I have 11 plates & screws holding me together and most machines don't even beep. If they do I just smile and pat the locations and simply say 'titanium'.
In 10 years Ive never ever been detained or harassed. Mind you not yet been to the US with them !

I have a titanium BAHA implant in my skull (Bone Adhered Hearing Aid) and was really worried, but it never set the alarms off. I think it depends how many & big the pins are, but I really don't think it's anything to worry about, as all the other posts indicate that they have ways around it, even if it they do go off..... It would be good to know if all went ok, when he finally does make it?! xxx

Thanks Suzanne

Thanks Brian

Have two hip replacements and always set the alarms off. You just have to stand there with your arms out whilst they run their detector over you - bit more thorough at Bristol coming back when I have to wait for a supervisor who stands there looking bored whilst they do the same thing. Bit of a pain but no real problem.

I had a knee replacement last year...I set of the alarms in Bordeaux...Paris...and Cancun Mexico in May...both ways. Just got put to the side...I pulled up my trouser leg to show my scar...and got scanned and patted down...bit of laugh really.But they're only doing their smile and let them do it gracefully.