Alcoholic friend needs to return to UK

HI all, I have an alcoholic friend who after living in France for 10 years needs to return to UK. He has an outstanding bank loan which realistic he is not in a position to pay it back. Does anyone know if the banks can come to an arrangement with this? Also he has a child in France so he will be returning to visit the child if he is enable to. Would passport control stop you from entering the country if there are outstanding debts. He plans to pay back what he can… however realistically I don’t think he can repay the full amount.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

Can’t he sell his property to pay the debts ?

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he doesn’t have property.

I suggest he needs to talk to the bank as soon as possible - and when sober. Debt is a serious business here, and with international agreements they can chase you across the channel. And I doubt Brexit will protect you…

If he doesn’t then he could have a problem coming back into France - or rather he will be welcomed with open arms so a court order can be slapped on him if not been able to track him down any other way.