ALD and Bon de Transport

Morning all! Husband has just been diagnosed with an ALD. We have notification that it has been accepted, but don’t have the official paper yet. We have already had a few bons de transport from the hospital doctor, but I was wondering how it works with the taxi providers once you have the paperwork in place.

You have to use a taxi that is conventioné (most are) and then just give them the bon. Having taken a copy of course! When you book it you tell them you have a bon. And when you have finished the journey you will have to sign a receipt.

Just make sure that the bon matches the journey and form of transport. They are very picky!

Thanks, we have a local company who do VSL and hsve been using them. So you do need a bon every time even though they know you have an ALD? I get that you would still need a convocation or proof of admission, but seems a strange to have to get the consultant’s secretary to issue one every time.

My specialist gives me one that cover several journeys.

Note that if you go to the same place more than x times in 4 months you need prior agreement from CPAM - although there are exceptions for cancer treatments.

Having an ALD doesn’t automatically grant the right for transport now. It depends on your condition as many people with ALDs can drive/take public transport with no problem.

(If yiu look on your Ameli account you can download an attestation avec ticket moderateur that will show the ALD.

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Thank you. Yes it will be cancer treatment.

OH has ALD and sometimes has been given a “bon” and sometimes it’s under our own steam… it just depends… :wink:

Then it is very likely that everything will be arranged for the future between the oncologist’s secretary and the taxi firm. But next time he goes he should just ask. Sadly this is very routine.

Hope treatment goes well, courage!

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I’m sorry to hear this, sending lots of positive vibes for you both xx

My specialist says we can have a taxi to my appointment in Lyon and then again when I go in for my lung biopsy.
We are totally capable of driving there but Lyon won’t allow us to use our car.

You have a nice specialist! Having a car older than 1997 is not one of the CPAM listed reasons for getting a bon for transport!!

It’s not older than 1997, 2003, but not allowed in Lyon.

?? Who told you that?

We’ve changed our old diesel now, but it was still allowed.

Individual cars with crit’air 4 and below are allowed. It is professional vehicles that are banned and crit’air 5 cars which means older than 2001 for diesel and 1997 for petrol.

La zone à faibles émissions (ZFE) de la Métropole de Lyon| CCI Lyon Métropole).

Seront interdits dans la ZFE les véhicules Crit’Air 5 et non classés à destination des particuliers : ce sont les véhicules diesel qui ont plus de 20 ans (immatriculés avant le 1er janvier 2001) et les véhicules essences qui ont plus de 23 ans (immatriculés avant le 1er janvier 1997).

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I think I have got my head round that bit of the admin now. Am :open_mouth: at the fact that the taxi firm still use fax…
Our car has a lovely green 0 Crit’Air but we are not in a zone.

Thanks for that.
We had seen that Critair 4 was banned, but that is obviously not the case.
However, we were offered a taxi because we are old and our specialist thought that we would not like driving in Lyon.
As it is, the hospital, Loius Pradel, is in Bron in the north of Lyon, so we don’t need to go into the centre.