Alert do check your beds tonight!

Ok folks please before you go to bed tonight do check that all gliders/feet have been properly assembled. No laughing matter for the lady concerned but not sure I would want to make public what goes on in the bedroom !

Our floors slope, so everything slides if not dealt with… :roll_eyes: … thankfully OH put sturdy plinths under all four feet of the bed… to keep it on an even keel…

He fixed the plinths to the floor… so the bed is “trapped” securely in place… phew… and we can rock and roll to our heart’s content… :relaxed:


Well at least you won’t have to resort to Sister Morphine :wink:

This is my favourite… for bedroom romps…


I can see a whole new post looming up here Stella :rofl:

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From reading the article it wasn’t just the wonky bed that caused the injury - so unless it is also your birthday you have nothing to fear.

That poor man, I think he has a hernia. :scream:

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The bed has 4 posts already… we don’t need any more… :roll_eyes:

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