All about French artichokes

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Last night combined lightly poached artichoke hearts and and broad beans in a Lebanese salad last night courtesy of Claudia Roden. First, lightly fry in olive oil, toasted cumin, ground ginger, and a few crushed garlic cloves, add veg and sufficient water to cover cook gently uncovered forabout fifteen mins, remove veg and if necessary reduce the remaining cooking liguid to make a thick dressing and toss with prederved lemon. Served tepid and just before serving added a handful of finely chopped mint and parsley.

Served with flash fried strips of steak that had been marinated in NYC fusion style marinade of olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard.

Great combo - east meets west!

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The steak sounds delicious…

I was so enjoying this… but suddenly you’ve got me stumped. What is NYC fusion style ???

Sorry for being opaque - ‘fusion cooking’ is a term that appeared a few decades back to describe recipes that combined elements drawn from cuisines of two or more very different cultures. New York was one of the main centres, but so were Cape Town, Sydney and Toronto, places where chefs mixed and matched from around the world.

The marinade is from a NY Times recipe that combines Chinese, French and Italian ingredients (the original also has Worcester sauce, but I’m not keen on English brown sauces).

Despite the above, also love traditional french regional cooking

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Wow… seems I unknowingly use “NYC fusion style” except for the Soy Sauce (never touch it) …
In my house, mixes like that are known as "a Stella Special… "

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except for the Soy Sauce (never touch it) …

If you combine soy with European or American ingredients, it no longer tastes ‘Chinese’ -in this marinade it tenderises the meat and delivers a massive umami kick to the steak (think concentrated mushroom ketchup). Just occured to me that a couple of chopped anchovies could be a useful addition to this marinade.

I’ve lived in a few cities with large Chinatowns and love their regional cuisines, but never try to recreate these dishes at home.

Apologies for having inadvertently led the thread far away from French artichokes…

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