All creatures great and small.... but mainly small

our local Brico is a great barometer of the changing seasons and our shopping needs - the main displays change almost weekly - from wood burners to ride-on mowers, bird fat balls to seed potatoes, daff bulbs to bbq cleaner...

and now - little pesky critters - ants, wasps, flies, mossies - they have a spray, a sticker, a can, a tv screen for everything... but most of all for MITES...

um, do i have them? should i expect them? when we moved into our rented house last spring all the wardrobes had hanging things for mites... i threw them away.... do i need new 'something'

what do they look like? what do they do? are they bad for me or the clothes or the dog? (the husband is immune to all and everything)

x teresa

thanks David - very interesting... they must be doing something - the shops here are packed with 'Anti...' products!

x teresa

I think you'll find they are clothes moths Teresa. I should buy some more anti- mites. Round here they seem to eat any fabric going not just their traditional wooly fare.