Allergies and 🐝 stings. Don’t forget to carry your meds

Just a little reminder to those of us that are allergic to things.
I’m allergic to bee stings, luckily I was stung on Saturday and had time to get to a pharmacist but even so… Here’s me on Monday morning🥹


Oh nooooo poor you, horrid. Sympathy!


Good grief, poor you… but thanks for the reminder… !!!


Oo…err. Looks v unpleasant. Hope goes quickly


Good advice, a close friend of mine almost died from a wasp/bee/hornet sting gin the South of France many years ago.Only quick action by his pals getting to ER saved him.


Yikes! I hope you feel better very soon. My OH is very careful to avoid hornets, wasps and bees after anaphylactic shock set off by a frelon asiatique sting.

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What can one carry to be ready to react? i tested for vulnerability to this decades ago but the range of biting or stinging insects in France seems to be riskier.

why not speak with your Doc and/or Pharmacist… ???

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In my case for bee stings antihistamine tablets and an epipen


I carry Piriton liquid, I am sensitive to bites /stings rather than allergic but it can still be dramatic

Looks horrendous - I hope the swelling and pain have gone by now.

Our little poodle stood on a bee the other week and had to be rushed to the vet. She had four visits last month and ran up €200 of bills! The other three visits were to extract a particular variety of grass seed from deep in her ears. Now when she goes out my wife binds the ears with a ruffle - would post a photo but she won’t stay still (Gigi not OH)


Oh yes, photo please! I can only imagine the offended look Parisienne Gigi would have in a ruffle.

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Thanks, swelling down now. More irritating than painful cortisone cream helped a lot.

You have my sympathy ! I got stung by a wasp on Thursday and for the first time ever had an anaphylactic reaction rather than just a severe reaction. I already carry medication and an epipen for my food allergies but…. I didn’t have a second one with me.

Cue emergency trip to the pharmacy, phone calls to my regular pharmacy, discovery that the prescription had expired, télé consultation with a doctor, new prescription for three more pens….

I am now making sure I have two on me at all times and checking their expiry dates and keeping my prescription up to date. Lesson learned !!!


There was a thing in the UK a couple of years ago about only issuing one epipen at a time, but after protests the government gave in

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Wozza, I have never reacted to bee or wasp stings, but since I turned 70 I am reacting to more and more things, the latest trigger being my Garmin fitness watch which I use to monitor blood oxygen (I’m supposed to use my oxygen machine 18 hours a day but blood O2 does fluctuate and I’m trying to identify how and when.) When I took off my Garmin watch to clean and dry it after a shower I found my skin was reacting, and when I swapped to the other wrist that skin reacted within 2 days. I looked at the small print for contact dermatitis cream which warned not to expose the creamed skin to the sun. This prompted me to look at pain killer cream which I use for an arthritic ankle, and that has to be kept out of the sun too, or will burn the skin. If anyone is using such creams for allergies, skin reactions or pain, please read the accompanying paperwork carefully!

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This might be the moment for us all to think about what we’re putting on our skin… and checking the accompanying paperwork…

The Sun can be our friend or our foe… depending on many things…
Thanks for this shake-up call @DianaP

Does it have a silicon strap? I too find contact dermatitis increasingly a problem. I find I have to be careful what gardening gloves I buy because the elastic round the wrist gives me a rash.

With these non-breathable plastic/rubber products I wonder whether part of the problem is my body reacting to my own sweat.

I’m sure sweat is the trigger. I’m not daring to wear my Garmin watch at the moment, waiting for the marks on my wrist to disappear completely before I risk that. I did scrub the strap with soap and water and won’t rely on wearing it in the shower to clean it! I had been performing several blood oxygen tests per day as I’d been feeling a bit better during the summer weather, and the worst reaction does seem to have been at the electrodes, but the silicon strap left a long-lasting mark on each wrist.

We should all try to avoid mosquito bites of any kind now. Some rather nasty tropical mosquito borne diseases are becoming indigenous. I just had to update this because the 2023 Pasteur report is even more alarming!

Living in a red zone, I now exit the house having sprayed every centimetre of skin. Mozzies are upskirters.