ALLi - The Alliance of Independent Authors

This is something that may be of interest to those of you who are self-publishing. Given the source it is from it must be very good, so I am letting you all know - if you don't already.

I have just had my news bulletin from ALCS (The Author's Licensing and Copyright Society) and one of the features is about 'The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)' that was launched two years ago at the London Book Fair 2012 but now has members worldwide. It is for self-publishing authors (so not for me actually). Membership is open to anyone interested in self-publishing. While most of its members are self-published authors, those still aspiring to self-publish may join at a reduced rate, and partner members offering author services are also welcome. A significant number of trade-published authors have joined ALLi to show their support for the cause. Information about the work of ALLi and an online application form are available on: They also have some publications as far as I can make out.

I've been a member of Alli since its early days - great organisation, well worth the subscription. Loads of support / help/ advice and always willing to answer questions. Orna and Debbie, to name but two, work very hard at keeping the momentum going. Alli has achieved international status and recognition for the majors like the London Book Fair. As you may well know there are '000s of self-pub websites out there. Avoid most if you want to leave time for writing (the internet is a time blood sucker) but sign up to Alli.

Happy to discuss more with anyone interested...