Allocation chomage

Can anyone help ? I,ve been laid off after a 6 month CDD, don't feel too sad , 'cos I'm going back in March. The problem I've got is to get allocation chomage. Before the CDD I worked cheque service emploi, not contracted. ANPE demand an attestation destinee au chomage for the time I did it. The family worked for have said they are not registered with ANPE and can't even get through to them on 3995 as it's all on pushing numbers and they do not have a registrastion number. they want to help, but it's wearing thin and when I spoke to ANPE they refused information as it was my employers job to do it.I'm caught in the middle with ANPE refusing to consider my case and no money. Help !!! Any advise

Normally to be eligible for chomage you need to have done a minimum of 910 hours or 6 months work. Therefor if your CDD was full time (not sure if it was) you should have enough hours.

I believe you need to have a minimum of 14 months work in the last two years to be eligble to chomage in France, if you worked for a person who was not declared as an employer you will have problems using that salary as proof, as you say you have none, but you can ask for help at the assistant sociale who can get you help, again it all depends on how long you worked and so on, so call them and ask for a rendezvous to see what help you can get, by the way being signed on is a trial and you need patience to get through to them and its a problem for one and all not just the non french