Alphabet challenge 3

(Kevin Bibb) #1

For this we need 3 or more A's 3 or more b's and so on if letter has come to a stop the move on to next one

Chilldrens tv see wot you can remember

Sart with A

Andy Pandy

(Lynn STONE) #2

Larry the Lamb and adding to Jame’s M for Mr Men
The Muppetts!!

(Rosie Harrison) #3

Kermit the Frog to finish off K
Looby Loo from Andy Pandy

(Lynn STONE) #4

What happened the 2 remaining k’s and to ‘L’ ?

  • Kipper
  • Leo the lion!

(James Higginson) #5

Mr Men

(Lynn STONE) #6

Kiki from Hector’s house!

(Lynn STONE) #7

James and the giant peach - my childrens just loved this, I found it a bit scary!

(Liane Edwards) #8

Jamie and the magic torch.

(Liane Edwards) #9

Are we not still on i?

Inch high private eye.

It's the wolf.

I's now finished.

(Jacqui Webster) #10


(Liane Edwards) #11

Ivor the Engine

(Jacqui Webster) #12


(Liane Edwards) #13

Hatty Town

(Jacqui Webster) #14

Hector’s House

(Liane Edwards) #15

Doh! went the wrong way.

Grandpa in my pocket.

Then, I've been waiting for this...

H R Puff 'n' Stuff!

(Liane Edwards) #16


(Jacqui Webster) #17

Grange Hill

(Liane Edwards) #18

Gordon the Gopher

(Jacqui Webster) #19

Fireman Sam

(Liane Edwards) #20

Ethelbert the Tiger