Alphabet challenge 3

For this we need 3 or more A's 3 or more b's and so on if letter has come to a stop the move on to next one

Chilldrens tv see wot you can remember

Sart with A

Andy Pandy

Larry the Lamb and adding to Jame’s M for Mr Men
The Muppetts!!

Kermit the Frog to finish off K
Looby Loo from Andy Pandy

What happened the 2 remaining k’s and to ‘L’ ?

  • Kipper
  • Leo the lion!

Mr Men

Kiki from Hector’s house!

James and the giant peach - my childrens just loved this, I found it a bit scary!

Jamie and the magic torch.

Are we not still on i?

Inch high private eye.

It's the wolf.

I's now finished.


Ivor the Engine


Hatty Town

Hector’s House

Doh! went the wrong way.

Grandpa in my pocket.

Then, I've been waiting for this...

H R Puff 'n' Stuff!


Grange Hill

Gordon the Gopher

Fireman Sam

Ethelbert the Tiger