Alternative electrical suppliers

Thank you John, had something similar myself holding fo 20mins got to no2 in the queue and cut off :disappointed_relieved:

We switched to Mint a while ago. Certainly live up to their promise to be cheaper than EDF.

BUT, their customer service is rubbish. After having a Linky meter installed we wanted to move from a 9kw supply to a 12kw supply, not uncommon as Linky meters are less tolerant of the occasional spikes in consumption.

But it tooks weeks of emails and phone calls for Mint to upgrade the supply.


I had the same sort of problem with EDF when we moved into the farm, so it is not unique to Mint.

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Lets face it, if you want excellent customer service France wouldn’t be your country of choice :joy:

Sorry @John_Withall I don’t agree. Our direct experience has been to the contrary. So far in 12 years living here, we have had excellent customer service. It just needs you to quietly persist, not panic and be well prepared. Our French speaking skills are not exceptional but have found that a quiet approach with a pleasant smile works wonders.

Did you see the laughing emoji?

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The written word used to mean what it said however this new emoji language seems to give comments a double meaning ?
Surely the addition of an emoji is to reinforce the comment
Not to contradict it.
There doesn’t seem to be an emoji for my comments?
Customer service, had reason to return faulty purchase to this week. I filled in my details on the website, printed out the postage return, dropped it off at La Poste on Tuesday with no charge, got an email yesterday from Amazon advising that my return had been received and refund being processed, now that is customer service👍

Comments have always had the capacity to have a double meaning. When face to face, something said with a wry smile, a smirk, a raised eyebrow, gives the viewer of such facial expressions some chance (or not) of perceiving the “double-entendre” .
In the absence of physical presence the emoji is the online “smirk”.

I must find time to learn what the hidden meaning is of each emoji then I can add a new language to my CV :rofl:
PS have I included the correct emoji?

sorry John I missed it :slaps_head: :roll_eyes: :face_with_head_bandage:

Graham we love France or we wouldn’t be here but it can be frustrating you’d have to agree. It was tongue in cheek.

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