Alternative lifestyle? ....I suspect most of us are doing this already

So relieved to find that our area is not the only place where sharing a car is alive and well… :relaxed:

What “alternatives” do you enjoy ?

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We have a ground source heat pump and solar panels.
We have a forage which supplies us with 2,000 litres of water an hour.
We keep chickens and grow a lot of our own vegetables and fruit.


well our home and life style are our income,
Is that alternative?
Our land is not great for growing vegies and the raspberries
did very badly last year.
But it is wonderful to have some of cherries in May …one tree
for us and the others for the birds.

Did you read the article Barbara…?

Am I being scolded…guesse I am.

Not being scolded…

Now that I know you didn’t read the article…I realize why your reply didn’t seem to make sense.

Just thought about alternative…
But not in the same way.
But we go out in one car when we go on outings…next trip is to a flower
museum near Langon.

If you read the article you will understand…

yes will do.

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Make the most of road kill - pie, cassoulet etc, and if you are sharing a car, one of you can hold the bin bag open while the other scrapes “it” in. :joy::joy:


hmm. perhaps I will turn to vegetarianism.

yes we do the best we can for the alternative lifestyle which has become a normal lifestyle for us. growing our veggies, buying meat on local farms.the tri for the dustbins.make our bread but hubby likes his baguette and chatting with the boulanger. we take care of our neighbours animals and home when they are away.and lots of other things. we dont do air b and b.oh yes i nearly forgot an important action in our village we are invited to do cleaning around vigny the stream the muck that builds up over the months etc really lovely time together with the habitants and children alike

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Which one are you… the driver… or the scooperupper ??? :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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@mark Robbins you are a true british with THE british humor

Definitely the driving, but I’ll hold the bag open. Maybe make the pie pastry too😁

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I think "waste-not want-not " is perhaps engrained in most of us… although I have not (yet) got to scraping the roads…:wink:

I chuckled when I read how folk are helping one another…with odd jobs… as if that is something new… :relaxed:

I grew up in Cornwall and friends and neighbours helped out on a give and take basis. I’d go up to the local farm to help with hay making because I got to drive a Land Rover and there was always cider afterwards. There was always plenty of helping hands. If somebody wanted a boat pulled out of the water that same Land Rover was always available. There were plenty of other similar exchanges. A video player programmed in exchange for a pair of jeans being turned up, a trailer lent and perhaps a lawn mowed. When I moved to West Sussex the same network of sharing was available but there there was always money involved, nothing was done without payment. I didn’t like it. Here in rural France it’s much more like the Cornish model I share favours with my neighbours and nobody tries to work out who come off best because nobody cares. One of those living here things that you can’t put a price on.


I have swapped Reiki treatments for pigeons.
Ready prepared, not scraped off the road.
Jim hands out surplus plants. Mulberry trees have been very popular.

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Mulberry trees would be popular
wish I had one.

There is a mulberry which offers some shade to those watching pétanque … the little fruits are delicious, but the birds have most of them. :relaxed: