Alternative to chlorchoc pastilles

Quick question (probably very naïve) - is there an alternative to these chlorchoc tablets? They smell very strongly of bleach and I did wonder if bleach could be used?
Hoping @Corona might be able to answer…

Loads on here already. Quick answer is yes , available in 20 litre bidons at your local brico shed, usually contains around 10% chlorine, which is the active ingredient in bleach. Use carefully, you really dont want to get it on your skin/eyes/clothes.

And it is much better and probably cheaper. Better because it does not have added stabiliser. Corona will elaborate with the detail.

Actually javel chlorine bleach doesnt smell that much at all, you can have a good sniff, when it reacts something then you get the tell tale swimming pool smell which is actually chloramines (spent chlorine) any pool that smells like that as they did when we used to visit them at school is a bad pool!
The guys have already answered with the eau de javel, so not much more for me to say apart from looking at your stabiliser level and pH because pH can climb slowly with javel whereas galets, choc etc work to maintain your pH a little but often by using the stabiliser build up which is an acid. So just keep an eye on things until you get used to it. Wear old clothes! Eye protection is a good idea. This javel is much stronger than domestic bleach rougjly 5x stronger.

I read this as chocolate pastilles , like the nice Droste dutch one ones :rofl:


Feeling peckish?

Thanks for the information. Are there tables available on the web or apps which would answer questions like: chlorine = 0.5, use 100ml of eau de javel?

If we treat the 9.6% brico javel as 10% it makes things easier so a 40m3 pool will get 1ppm if you add 400ml of javel, 4 litres (4000ml) will give 10ppm

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Mostly the figures are taken in a wind tunnel, they tape over gaps around doors, bonnets etc. Not real world at all. I think they should be taken to task but everyone just accepts it.

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