Aluminium Bi-Fold doors

we are renovating a property in Herault and just had a quote for 2 large bifold doors…4 meters and 3.5 meters, both 2.5 meters high.
wow !!! when we got up off the floor we decided to have a look around the web, and cant really find anywhere that sells quality bifold in aluminium that is less than double or three times what we could but the best ones in the uk…

any ideas or connections please ???


Hi Rob
Did your quote include delivery and fitting, furniture etc?
If you’ve already scoured the internet for a French supplier and, as you say, very expensive, maybe think about getting them from the UK, might be cheaper when transport is included but you might need to fit them yourself.

I use these guys, not sure if they do what you need, have a look. Pricing online too!

Hi Mark

thanks for the reply.
yes it included all the above
the 4m x 2.5m is €9k…
the same spec in the uk, well actually a much better spec, triple glazed etc…is £4k
when i factor everything in i could easily save €20k as i need these 2 doors plus other windows too match.
apparently if i supply them then i loose my 10 year builders gaurentee on that aspect.



thanks james.
i cant see bifold’s on that site though…



Yeah, I had a quick look, didn’t find them. I have an email address for a contact there if you like. He’s happy to communicate in English too if you need?

Hi James

that would be great; thanks for your help.
my french is still very poor !! but im learning.


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No problem, I’ll send you both an email.

Personally, I would go for the 20k saving. If the ones you get in the UK are good quality, I wouldn’t worry about the décennal . Lots of stuff on here about it, might not be as good as it’s made out to be.

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Thanks James.

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Thanks Mark.
its certainly starting to look that way.
the doors are imperative to our build, the main features really.
so ill explore and see.
thanks for your help.


It might be worth looking over the border in Spain too.