Alzheimer's Test

Just read of this new test for Alzeimer’s and assuming that it was available, wondered whether anyone would dare to take it?

Very tricky, given that there is no cure.



A bit like knowing you will certainly die of cancer if you don’t die of something else first.

But might be useful if they could predict how long you’ve got before needing to consider euthanasia as an option.

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Also, I understand there is increasing evidence that Alzheimers can be kept a bay by nutritional changes - yet again gut bacteria health rears it’s head as a contributory factor, (NB: I’ve created a Tiny URL - original v long)

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Keep on eating raw vegetables and avoid antibiotics, except in life threatening cases and you could avoid lots of nasty things.

And practicing your french, or another language, as that type of mental stimulation is said to help.

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Before we even get to Type 3 Diabetes

If it works for other fronto-temporal dementias I certainly would. I would want to know in order to take steps before I couldn’t, better a year ‘too early’ than 30 years in a coma.

I have read that frontal temporal dementias are sometimes linked to head injuries/ trauma often years before

My mother has Pick’s, apparent since she was younger than I am now. No history of head injury.

I don’t think it is a cause in all cases, but it is in some ,like the Lewy body dementias sometimes have a link to Parkinson’s disease

My mother has that too and a while back my GP (who is also a micro nutritionist) suggested I have a blood test to spot a certain protein - it had to go to a lab in Belgium - who never sent the results - then lockdown happened - then he retired - I still haven’t got the results but his secretary is on it and next week when guests have gone I will chase it up and report back with some more concrete info.
Interestingly my mother was born with her head / neck on wonky (for want of a precise medical definition) and was operated on as a child to correct it.
She also had a hip replacement in 2015 and the dementia began after that. I have read that surgery can trigger dementia in women too. Great!

Both my in-laws died with dementia, but I wouldn’t encourage OH to be tested unless completely sure that the results were 100% accurate.

My mother had a face-lift and a hysterectomy when she was 50/51, and I am absolutely convinced there is a link between the onset of her dementia and those two procedures. She was certainly very noticeably not her usual self a couple of years later and then obviously ill. By the time she saw a neurologist in 2000, 6 or 7 years later, she was getting around 10 on the MMS test.

My friends mother had her cataracts operated on and came home a completely different person,although she was much older by then

Oh great - my missus had one done yesterday, and she’s nutty enough already :rofl:


I was looking forward to having my cataract sucked out in the autumn :astonished::nerd_face::eyes:

I would imagine Daves mum was a lot older than you

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My thoughts too.
I think that if and when someone seriously suggests or recognises that I have the first signs of Alzheimer’s, I will take the test. That way I can tidy up my affairs and make any preparations whilst still able - which will include euthanasia.
I had a very close who suffered from Alzheimer’s. It took around 5 years from first diagnosis until his death and the effects on his family were devastating.
I now have another close friend whose father has Alzheimer’s with similar outcomes.


There is a good case for being allowed to decide, while in sound mind, what will be done with us if the situation should arise that we are no longer in control of our fate.