Am getting a headach with forms

Hi all am having problems validating our long stay visa no one answering phone on suggest number tried many times am thinking its just a recording !!
I cant complete on line as directed as site has either technical issues or im not recognised any ideas out there ? HELP
Also we are not part of the withdrawal agreement we have only been here since May hence the long stay visa that requires validation still only have a short grace period thanks

There is a standard email format for the préfectures that you could try.

Or Have you tried asking the British Embassy if they have a suitable contact?

(You have the visa, but want to turn it i to a carte de séjour?)

Yes we have a valid visa but need ro apply for next step registration ill try your suggestion thanks

I suggest asking at the Mairie.

In most communes, the staff at the Mairie (and, indeed, Mme ou M Maire themselves) are very, very helpful and will offer detailed, practical assistance with the benefit of a full understanding of French bureaucracy - or, at least, fuller than I will ever achieve!

Agree entirely, in our commune the Mairie is next door to a French friend who is a retired accountant and with whom I served on the Comite des Fetes. If the Maire’s Assistante can’t help, and she is very helpful, I just nip next door.
That’s just me, but accountants retire all over the place, ask around. :slightly_smiling_face:
PS Other helpful people also retire all over the place and are available. :wink: