Am I able to block out a forum Category?

Hello. Even as a recent joiner I have already found the help and advice given by forum members to be really helpful. All has been offered in a friendly, polite and thoughtful manner. Excellent.

I can’t say the same about Politics. When I look at ‘New Posts’ and see the titles of the threads about politics I fall into a state of depression. Not actually fall, but you will get the meaning. It’s almost all super critical with content that appears to be largely written by those who already have fixed negative views about the UK government , who dont appear to live in the UK.

Thats OK, I cannot really object to that, but I would rather not have to read. Not even read the titles to avoid falling again.

It has made me think twice about continuing to use the forum.

So my question is am I able to block a category so I dont see anything about it at all? That would bring happiness all around. :slightly_smiling_face:




Yes. Go to the topic area, see top right there is a bell symbol? Click on the bell and select ‘Muted’. The topic will be hidden.


Thank you

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You can “mute” topics in your profile preferences.

Might not totally block everything but should reduce the number of posts that you see.


Muting things makes my life far more Zen….highly recommend it!


I’m with you Graham, but stick with the group, there’s someone who can advise or help on almost any subject.


Mmmm…. I was wondering if there was a way to ignore said section as if I wanted an RSS feed from Teh Grauniad, I’d have signed up for one.


Should anyone wonder, @Ancient_Mariner suggestion works perfectly. Now…


Seems like political threads should be the least of your worries if that link is anything to go by…

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Just heard it on the radio!

Perhaps you should consider listening to a different station :wink:

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Prefer this myself

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Flying to France on Monday on a cheap flight

This makes me happy too!

and - how do you make the video appear in the box? I only know about the link. Thanks

Just post the url directly in your post without using the link tag.
Like this:


But without ‘Ignore’ replaced by https

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But I wouldn’t be too hasty. I suspect that people are becoming more and more extreme in their political views, and that an important reason is that we’re using social media to focus more and more on opinions we agree with, and losing awareness of other points of view. And that this makes it more and more difficult to get a consensus on political issues. And that that is really dangerous for democracy. I think we need to keep a degree of respect for those we disagree with. I can always be wrong!


Difficult when it’s someone like Trump.

Other right-wing, self-serving, abusive, misogynistic, unfaithful, lying politicians are also available (anything up to 359 in the UK alone).

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Even when you were alive it was hard :grin::grin:


Easy to get off topic it seems. I will need to block this thread about how to block a thread.

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