Am i allowed to bring my dog on holiday to france?


We have a question about traveling to france for the holidays.

Every year we travel to france it is our favorite holiday country, in 2018 we adopted a street dog from spain. He is extremely sweet, does well with children and other animals. This year we would like to go camping in france again with our newborn and dog. except we are worried our dog micht be a category 1 dog. (we have been to holiday to france with him once)

His passport says he is a bastard breed. We have no proof whatsoever about is parentage (he is a street dog)
now I wonder if anyone recognizes a pitbull or another category 1 breed in him.

thank you in advance

the dog in question:


We just travelled with our dog. Old UK EU pet passport is obviously no longer valid so had to get him a travel certificate from vet. 11 pages document. We found a vet that sis it for us overnight but our regular vets aid it will take 7-9 days. Also that cert is only valid for 10days.
£125 is what we paid

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This might help you decide as it describes the categories

If it is of any comfort to you Daphne, from that photo I would not consider your dog to come within either of the dangerous categories.

But from a different angle someone might decide otherwise, there is no telling what lunacy this ridiculous law generates, but I wish you well. :slightly_smiling_face: