Am I panicking too much?

Hello all

As I mentioned before, I took in a year old half-Siamese, Zorro. He’s been here 3.5 weeks… and I seem to be in a state of constant panic!

I live in a very tiny 4 house hamlet, only 2 of which are occupied. The ‘big’ house, about 50 metres away, has been taken over by a feral tom… he and Zorro have had a few run-ins but Zorro immediately dashes for home and the minute I appear on the scene the feral scarpers.

Zorro’s getting wary of heading off in that direction though and is turning his attention towards my neighbours - who have 8 hunting dogs! The garden is very well fenced but the dogs do sometimes come out when the big gates open to let a car in or out… and fences are no deterrent to a cat anyway.

I don’t know anything about his history prior to coming to me, or what dangers he has already faced and learnt to be wary of. I can’t keep him in full-time… he’s crying to go out now and even play sessions are not distracting him.

Am I just being too overprotective?

Please don’t take it to the SPA. they have no facilities usually for feral cats so they are either just put to sleep or held in misery in enclosures with hundreds of others, catching all the viruses and bacterias going.

Brilliant! I’ve printed it off and will compare distances. Thanks so much.

I think cats tend to be pretty savvy and I’m sure Zorro is not going to knowingly place himself in a dangerous situation dog wise. If he’s out and about, he is probably already worked out his escape routes, should he need them.

We once lived in a village where a woman wouldn’t let her cat outside loose so she had it on an enormous length of elastic - it used to bungee across the street. Was very funny to watch but I suspect the cat would have rather been elastic free and taken its chances…

Hi Chrissie,
Here is a list that I have on my computer
Gers - 32

SPA du Gers - Au Mouréous 32 - Route de Pessan - BP 157 - 32003 - AUCH CEDEX - Tél : 05 62 05 15 90 - Fax: 05 62 05 63 27 - -
Chats en Liberté - mairie de Bassoues - rue Principale - 32320 - BASSOUES
Accueil, Protection et Placement des Animaux du Gers (APPAG) - 4 boulevard Saint Jean - 32100 - BEAUMONT
SPA du Gers - Chemin des Moulins - 32310 - BEZOLLES Tél 05 62 28 59 05
Assistance Cynophilique Française - Refuge - Maison de Retraite - Foyer de la Prade - Château de Laas - 32190 CAILLAVET - Tél: 05 62 64 41 21

You can always try your local vets and the mairie too as they should know the associations around about your area.
Best of luck

Thanks Lynn
I’ve tried following him around outside but he often skitters off, usually through a dense hedge or up a high wall, where I can’t follow and by the time I’ve run around via the path he’s disappeared.
Re the feral… I’ve googled for cat associations by can’t find anything within a couple of hours’ drive. Do you know anywhere within a reasonable distance of Montréal du Gers, 32? [Nearest biggish towns are Condom or Eauze.]

No I don’t think you are Chrissie.
Dogs can kill a cat just by shaking it and you are right to be wary.
This feral Tom needs to be caught too and neutered thereby lessening the problem with territory. Before neutering he should be tested for feline aids and leukemia, both of which are easily spread, with un-neutered toms being one of the biggest problems. There is no vaccine against Feline aids.
If you don’t have the means, try contacting a nearby cat association to ask for help.
Unfortunately we can’t keep our animals in bubbles either, try accompanying Zorro outside in his own ‘patch’, cats are naturally wary but can be easily intimidated and stressed by these kind of problems