Am I really here!

how stupid am I? having joined the group and followed advice fro very helpful people i found a job which meant getting up at 4:30AM-and driving a large number of miles only to find out that I have failed to complete some admin which means I cannot now get paid...moving to France has allowed me to develop ADD-I really cannot get my head around stuff! Dooes it get easier- have been here since March-at least I haven't got foot rot or damp in the bones!

Hi Gillian, it does get easier but it does take a few years at least. Am pleased you have found some work even though it means getting up on the (way too) early side.

Am a bit confused about your post, is it a self employed job or a salaried job and do you have a clue about what piece of admin you didn't do. Post a few more details and maybe we can help.

It's a bummer finding work, doing it, then not getting paid.

By the way, you''ll find you get more replies if you stick your photo up, it's nice to know who you are talking to.