Am I tax invisible?

Hi all, apologies if this is a bit basic and detailed, but would appreciate some help.
My partner and I both set up our AE’s in November 2020. Previously he was employed in UK and i was self employed. My concern is, He received a ‘declaration de chiffre d’affaires du 4e trimestre’ and I didn’t.
Might I get one after i complete my UK final tax return in April?
He declared himself fiscally non resident when we left UK, HMRC said I had to wait until id submitted my tax return for that year.
I’m just concerned that I’m tax invisible when I shouldn’t be.
I don’t know who to contact?
Thanks for all your input this forum has been so useful on our journey so far.

You’re confusing seperate things. AE is seperate from tax in most respects

Auto-entrepreneur - - log in and do your AE quarterly returns there. I thought they’d stopped paper returns - either way you log in and sort your returns there

Come tax time - you need to go get paper tax returns - and you need a seperate form for AE to the main general return - that links your AE to your tax file fo want of a better description. It may be different if you’ve opted for flat tax tax rates on your AE.

URSAFF generally collect social charges - your impots come seperately.

Just bung the French tax return in when ist time and it all sorts itself -

Thanks Chris,
I think thats clearer so: URSSAF deals with the 1/4ly AE income tax, so that could be likened to my annual UK self assessment tax return but I will need to declare 3 times per year here in Fr.
Trying to get my brain around it!

I think you still get your initial ones, the first 3 or 4 if declaring monthly, and perhaps the first if declaring quarterly, by paper to give you some time to get yourself set up online and get your head round what to do. But that may have changed with Covid and such.

Not really.

URSAFF collects your social charges - you do quarterly returns. Depending on what sector / what you registered as that sets the level of social charges. But you pay your social charges as you go - flat rate on every penny earnt.

Now when you registered you chose to be flat rate tax / PAYG or to pay on the normal scales at the end of the year. I have no idea how the flat tax rate works with Impots but assuming you did normal annual declaration for AE

Your self assessment tax is the same tax return everyone does come Spring - but main paper return - seperate form for AE and another form for any UK/overseas income. Your first year you need to download paper forms for tax - that starts the process of getting into your online space for tax - you get to create your obligatory online tax space for the second tax return. If you and your partner are married you do a joint tax declaration not seperate ones

Then on top if you don’t earn 5k (ish) through your AE they charge you 8% (?) on your world wide income in social charges.

In a nutshell - 4 quarterly returns to URSAFF every year - one tax return every year.

My partner has a paper one for his first trimestre since setting up, so I guess that tells you they are still doing it.

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I would expect that to be the last one so if he hasn’t already, as @chrisell said, get him setup online to do them going forward

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Thanks chrisell. That has created a clearing in the fog. I have messaged Impots to gain access to my space where I can take up the question of why I havent had what I expected to have through the post.

You’re confusing yourself… or just typing the wrong name

Impots - Tax - you can’t have an online space until your second tax return (you get a tax number and a reference after they recieve your declaration - they tell you the secret code when year 2 tax return is due). It has nothing to do with quarterly AE returns.

URSAFF - pretty much everything AE related. The space is easy to set up - you’ll need your SIRET and your social number. I’m guessing you used a hand holding agent - they normally set up your space by default

Sure am confusing myself. Thanks for re pitching your advice at a level where I can grasp the basics, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.

I am bit late to the conversation, but if you ticked the correct box and set your AE up in the last quarter of last year then your first declaration at URSSAF won’t be until the end of Q1 this year.


I’m still working on unpicking it @Carti946 ! That would be ok but doesn’t explain why my partner received his declaration de chiffre d’affaires when our AEs set up at the same time and all our other paperwork was in line with each others timing wise?
Any way thanks to @chrisell simplification, I have written to URSSAF to ask them if I need one. Maybe I’m being too keen?
Is wading through treacle an olympic sport yet?

OMG I hope this is true as I’m in such a pickle with my close down / set up of new MEs

It’s here:

Déclarer et payer mes cotisations -

Date de début d’activité Ouverture de l’échéance Date d’exigibilité
Du 1er janvier au 31 mars Début juillet 31 juillet
Du 1er avril au 30 juin Début octobre 31 octobre
Du 1er juillet au 30 septembre Début janvier de l’année suivante 31 janvier l’année suivante
Du 1er octobre au 31 décembre Début avril de l’année suivante 30 avril de l’année suivante

I am more surprised that your partner has one already if you set up in November last year. It would make sense if he opted for monthly declarations and you opted for trimerstrial, but that doesn’t seen to be the case.

An easy way to tell is to go into your online Ursaaf account >> gerer mon entreprise >> echances en cours

It should say this:

Vous êtes actuellement hors période déclarative, aucune déclaration n’est attendue**. En savoir plus : Consulter le calendrier des échéances**

Then you can check out the calender and it will give the info you need.

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Meant to say thanks for this @Carti946 your input here has been valuable. I have access to my URSSAF acount now. I am going to make my first declaration here.