Amazing things in France. Smiles

We live on the line from Evreux to Paris as the crow flies, so we see half the Bastille Day parade on its way to the Champs Elysees - several flights of fighters at short intervals.

The helicopters here in Eure et Loir belong to either the hospitals, or a local vet who finds it easier to get to a sick horse that way than driving the back roads.

Very well said, I have stayed here since January and love it and the people are brilliant. Was a little pissed initially as nobody stops at zebra crossings and stuff like that. But everything else makes up for it. I just love this country so much and am so happy to be here.


Here in the Pays Basque nearly everybody stops at zebra crossings and nearly everybody thanks you when you do. It’s wonderful!


I always wave a cheerful thankyou, when someone stops to let me cross.

On the otherhand, if I note someone is coming rather fast… (and I’m not fussed)… I step back to make it clear I’m prepared to let them carryon… and that often gets me a cheerful wave in return.

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The responsible and polite French cyclists were a culture shock after driving around London for 20 odd years where they appear to be a suicide cult.

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I’m so glad you’ve said that James - here in Brittany everybody stops too. When we moved here I was really surprised by how much more considerate drivers generally were than in the UK. I’ve often had cause to say (as I did earlier in this thread I think) that people shouldn’t generalise their observations about what are really very local phenomena to include all of France or ‘the French’. The idea that people here (in France) don’t stop at crossings is a particularly often repeated myth. I’m sure it’s true in some places - I don’t disbelieve anybody’s experience of this - but it’s definitely not true in many other places, so it’s not particularly French at all.

By the way, if you wanted to buy them in a store, perhaps your local bio co-op food store sells Kokopelli… I just saw this brand of seeds for sale in the St. Junien bio food co-op.

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Thanks Mary - I’ve not noticed that but I shall certainly check. They have the most marvellous germination rates…