Amazon are driving me nuts

Last week I ordered four books from Amazon France. They are French books, so best that way. I got my confirmations. Three came out one day, one the next. The single one arrived on Saturday, three days ahead of expected date of delivery. This morning I got a message to say the three had been returned, by all accounts the generic reason amounted to a wrong address. Impossible since wherever I order from in the universe they always have the single address in their system. Postwoman has just been, so I asked if she had had a delivery she couldn't hand over because we were not in or something like that. She said there had not been. She is nice and friendly with us so I knew to believe her. Now I have not only 'Votre commande X nous a été retournée' but now 'Confirmation de remboursement pour votre commande', quickly followed by 'Votre note de credit'.

It was a single order to a single address, so theoretically impossible for this to happen. However, my OH and I discussed it and calculate that one in three orders end up this way. Unlike Amazon in the UK, whatever the site may say, there is no way of contacting them to talk about it/complain. So I just tried the UK route and they immediately responded, despite what I had said about no number to call in France, saying to call them at the number on the French site!


I am considering ordering from Chapitre in future, since they have worked out Amazon was stealing their trade they have sharpened up their act.

Anybody else frustrated by Amazon France?


Oy Brian, take it with a smile, glad it finally worked out. But have to admit that I have a face palm every now and then when being confronted with the French CS compared to their equivalent Dutch ones I was used to before moving to France for reasons of laid-back lifestyle, expect the unexpected, breathtaking countrysides that are not covered in rain 80% of the time, in general nice people who don't look threatened when you say "Bonjour" etc. ;-)

I know for a fact that our names are listed as per Bens comments. I have now got to the point where I phone the UK customer service department if we have a problem with anything and then raise a complaint if the French do not sort it out. Worked with HP (best not to get me started on the saga of my laptop) but not been successful with ebay as yet (six days in and am now sending emails to board members). It is rumoured that in a previous life I was a conger eel.

I reckon it's down to this: When Amazon started it was a bunch of guys with pony tails who said they had a cool idea and started to sell books, then CDs, then... until the business was so big the suits and i-phones took over and it all began to fall to pieces.

Good news, Brian. Mine also get posted in Orleans. I still haven't managed to find anyone who will take notice of my complaint that someone tampered with my last delivery. the sorting office also said "no point in complaining to me, we don't have the authority to deal with it. Call 3631!" This is apparently the number to call for complaints about postal delivery. Can't be bothered.

Relieved to hear you got books. I ordered 3 books from the other day, from the same Amazon seller, who are obviously a bit thick, as they have despatched each one individually, and the first one arrived today.

Da-da! Family just returned from shopping and one daughter casually mentioned there was post for me. It was the three books. They were posted in Orléans and after all the rigmarole the address is right, namely postcode before place.

There is something wrong somewhere, but I guess we just have to put up with it. They drove me nuts, I think something is nuts and life isn't long enough to get deeply into what it might be. However, all future orders I shall watch carefully.

Ben, where am I ranting?

Am beginning to wonder if this forum has not become compulsory reading for French people aspiring to become a CS-professional. So that, whenever the name Brian Milne pops up on an order, they can screw the delivery or after-sales service to give Brian something to rant about LOL!

I like the bit about your 'SUN' being 22 soon! Amazon will accept express delivery orders from the UK, which come out from Luxembourg and MIGHT get there in 24 hours. I've done that, but expect three days. Mind you the express postage is charged and is always seems ironic ordering goods fpr €4.20 and having a final bill of around €12.65! I'll update as and when goods arrive or Amazon tell me it has been returned to them - yet again...

There hasn't been anybody in at the ruin next door for 60-ish years but post has arrived for the address and given to us. All is possible!

Terry, I have my suspicions but I fear that is all they will remain. I am doing my nou with Amazon but it is highly likely there is a clown way down the line before the local sorting office. The last return was almost too quick, as if it went out from Luxembourg one day and was returned there the next, I certainly got the returns notice on the third day and two days before ETA. Luckily we have a sorting office not far away and the one visit there with order numbr in hand was checked in front of me and drew a blank. Somebody further away is pulling a fast one. Interfering with parcels is of the same ilk. Amazon get the flack but we know somebody who will almost certainly remain unrevealed is behind it.

Sent a parcel to our grandson in Nogent sur Marne the other day. Checking on the web to find out whether it had been delivered I discovered they'd tried but no-one was home. Seemed reasonable. Next day, recheck. Not known at this address, it said, return to sender. Right. Next day check again. Your parcel is ready for delivery! Followed by "to be collected from Nogent post office"! Was I supposed to go to Paris to get the parcel back? Apparently not as grandson was able to retrieve the parcel at the post office himself. Apparently the postman had been trying to deliver to the wrong house -- 62a instead of 62. The mind boggles.

Received a book from Amazon.UK today. Package had clearly been tampered with and the book inside was damaged, but not badly. E-mailed Amazon just to let them know what had happened and within an hour I had a reply. They apologised, although it's not their fault and I hadn't sought an apology, and said they'd be sending me another copy, which I hadn't asked for either. Don't return the other one, it'll cost you too much. Give it to charity, they said. That's customer service.

Later went to the local post office to tell them someone was meddling with parcels and they needed to be aware of this. No point telling us, they said. Oh? This is La Poste and you do deliver mail to your customers, right? And you did deliver this parcel to me today? Yes, but we're just postmen, no point in complaining to us. You need to go to the Centre de Courier, they said. This is the sorting office if I understand rightly. Where is it, I asked. They told me, adding that there was no point in going until tomorrow because they were closed! That's NOT customer service.

Latest news on my Amazon trek. The three books have been sent out again. The express post they promised me because of the inconvenience was clearly dumped and now I have this Thursday down as the latest ETA. The message came in this morning, so I guess the books are in the post now. I warned the postwoman today and she made a note to give to her supervisor at the local sorting office. What are the odds of this delivery arriving after being deliberately wrongly addressed? I shall stand at the gate in suspense each day until Thursday and if not here I shall prepare my wrath on paper for when I get the message that it could not be delivered, blah, blah, blah...

Kenneth, I have two at the same time. Ironically UK seem to know more about France than Amazon France do, given they have just 'revised' my address thus!


The "so-called" correction to your address baffles me too. Out of interest I checked a few documents here and find that my French and UK Banks, EDF, Veolia and payment slips for return payments in France all have the address post-code in front of the town. At least you have a dialogue going with Amazon UK.

Yes Sheila, I have lived here long enough to know and so should they. Now Amazon UK have replied saying that since January 2010 out of 84 orders placed in the UK, 82 were successfully delivered; out of 16 in Germany all 16 delivered; of 34 in France 22 were successfully delivered. Several of the French ones were re-orders, of course. I am not sure why they bothered with those details to begin with, they seem only to be proving that the UK and Germany manage to deliver successfully to exactly the same address as the French (well, Luxembourgians) cannot.

I am going to write back, tell them to look at my wife's account and tot up the two for France. What is very interesting, is that Amazon Germany also comes from Luxembourg. So what will the next episode be? The messages are going back and forth very quickly, so at least I cannot complain about customer service in that sense.

According to UPU (Universal Postal Union), you are quite correct Brian.