Amazon Fire TV stick

Having seen the advert on UK TV for Amazon Fire TV stick and the fact that Jeremy Clarkson is seen in a UK TV advert sending them into France and Germany, I would like to know for sure if they will in fact work well over here in France. I receive, via a French digibox, Freesat UK TV, but I find that now I wish to venture into other channels like Netflix etc., Is there anyone out there who can advise me please ? I live in Sud Vendee.

Go careful - I bought an Firestick, but it wouldn’t work with my Amazon Kindle Fire and most UK streaming services are geo-blocked…

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So the ad is misleading

Hi Rosie
My son sent me one of these , before he sent it ,he downloaded the AP ( KODI ) I get a mass of Films ,even current ones. I mainly use the KODI ap.I am really pleased with it.

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Our firestick works perfectly with our satellite internet provider Europsat, but our friends who have the orange live box cannot get it to accept it, we now seem to have a lot more friends since word got round that we can watch The Grand Tour on our smart TV.

Thank you Bill. I have found KODI on my list of APPS, so here’s hoping all
will work.

I have had an Amazon Firestick for some time now and even used to use it with Amazon Prime, but to achieve this I used a VPN set tup which always gave me a UK IP address so never blocked by Amazon. Then I downloaded and installed KODI (look it up on Youtube) and in the end we cancelled our Amazon Prime membership because I can watch all of the laterst (and oldest) films, all the TV channels from right across the world, all the SKY channels etc and all for Free. I also have KODI running on my computer and have it set up so that I can download Films and TV programs and some nights I download 3 or 4 films overnight and then we watch them as we please. KODI is brilliant :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,
Perhaps everyone knows but could you state what is a VPN set up? Just moved to Vendee so exploring how to get internet and TV.

I use Unlocator and have the DNS addresses they provide set up on my ASUS router which is then connected to my Orange Livebox. I like Unlocator because it is just so simple to setup and unobtrusive.

Looking at the Moochie website - looks like they are using Kodi. If all sports including Sky are available I am not sure this is fully legitimate for the price. I imagine if it is as legitimate as Kodi it could disappear if closed down.

The benefit of Moochie would hopefully be that there would be no need to mess about setting up Kodi or using VPN for BBC etc - so will not require the technical ability to be able to set up Kodi so would be convenient.