Amazon Firestick for viewing UK TV

I think that is the solution to Paul’s problem.

And I agree that a VPN is needed to watch UK channels.

This link might help to choose the right VPN.

You should be aware that service providers are constantly trying to stop people using VPNs to watch geofenced content. If you have selected a UK location that works, it may well work faultlessly for quite a while then run into problems. It won’t necessarily tell you it is a VPN fault. It may say something like “a fault has occurred try later” or it might give excessive buffering (which might send you chasing your tail checking Wi-Fi connections and speeds). If this happens, simply change the location within UK that your VPN uses until you find one that works.

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Had that on holiday last couple of years despite the places being on fast internet. Curious as you’d think it would either work or not… I too resorted to laptop and HDMI cable.

If you check your connection speed on the firestick via the settings app and it indicates that the connection is OK but you still get constant buffering then the problem could be with the UK location you have selected in your VPN app. Trying different UK locations can solve the problem. Not all VPNs are the same so I would prefer to choose one of the well established names like Express VPN, Nordnet or SurfShark.

Im not sure if you know about the Beast app. You can pick up virtually any ivv channel around the world using it.

Anker 737 USB-C’s + USB-A 120W charger, so their gruntiest, charges 3 devices simultaneously, currently nets to £60 cost on Amazon UK if you tick for the 25% off coupon on the product page.

Type in Product B09VZLX5Y4 in the top box to find it.

Pretty much only that cheap once or twice a year, slightly heavy so a good home charger. There’s only 1 bigger wattage one they do and only America has it. But that one’s only about 140W so not much more charging done by that one than by this one.

Same sort of deal on some other Anker chargers which are lighter / lower wattage /charge fewer devices simultaneously but those may be easier if you carry them round. will do a similar deal for one with French prongs at a different time and sooner than will.